12 confusions of life

Questions we end up asking ourselves, sometime for sure in life.

What is this world?

  • Why is it so complex?
  • Why barely any peace anywhere?
  • Why is it a mixture of good & bad?
  • Why apparently more bad & less good?

What is this life?

  • Why is it given to us?
  • Did we ever apply for it, like a job?
  • What are we truly doing, living?
  • What is our purpose of living?

What am I? (What are we?)

  • Why we are born so small?
  • Why we grow big? Why we get old?
  • What this whole fuss is all about?
  • What is death?

What is that which we can’t see?

  • Why we have this thing called imagination?
  • Is it merely there to let us dream… or procrastinate?
  • Can the unseen be experienced?
  • What is time? Why past, present & the future?

Why we feel a surge of passion within from time-to-time?

  • Why some things are attractive to us?
  • Why some things repel us?
  • What do we truly want?
  • How eventually, we make our choice?

Why shit happens so easily in life?

  • Why different people have different likings?
  • Why we are all so different?
  • What makes some people more fortunate than others?
  • Can we find our peace being whatever we are? How?

What makes this world go in circles?

  • Why things like day & night; male & female; hot & cold?
  • Why is there pain in the world?
  • Why everything has to be so confusing?
  • Why are there idiots in the world?

What is the source of energy of this cosmos?

  • Can we think of connecting into that pool?
  • How? Is that easy or difficult?
  • What capabilities are needed to be able to do that?
  • I am no superman / superwoman — does this still hold for me?

What is the source of energy in our own body?

  • Why we feel the need to have food?
  • Is food the ultimate source of our happiness and everything?
  • Why we miss happiness?
  • Why we have ambitions?

What is reverence in life?

  • Why it feels good in company of our favourite people?
  • Why we feel blessed being with select individuals?
  • Why some things are naturally peaceful?
  • Why we get cheated & betrayed?

What is love?

  • Why is it sweet and painful — both at the same time?
  • Why we can’t live with it and also not without it?
  • Is there something truly as pure love?
  • Why we keep hunting for love endlessly?

What is purity in life?

  • Why pure water, pure air, pure anything, tastes/feels good?
  • Why we detest impurities?
  • What can an individual do in an impure world?
  • What is the purest of all things for us to do?
The quest always begins with a truck-load of questions.

In fact there will always be more questions than your little brain can handle. Yet, in the end it’s all about finding your own peace. Then all confusions cease to be. However, for that to happen, you must find your own truth, no matter what has been your life.

Further, here you have two options: you may either go for a random hunt or you could adopt a specified method.

The random search is wandering in life; the time-tested methods are the various paths of yoga.

Choice between the two is always purely yours.

Puneet writes on science of yoga, mixing its relevance with challenges of everyday life in the modern world. He can be contacted for Counselling Support & Educational Workshops on the subject. www.desiretofly.in , Mumbai, INDIA.

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Originally published at www.desiretofly.in on February 16, 2017.