7 Reasons Why Japanese Children Have the Longest, Healthiest Lives
Naomi Moriyama

Food & Seiza

Another powerful thing to be learned from the Japanese culture is their traditional posture of sitting, called, Seiza.

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Japanese people will enjoy better digestion because of this scientific posture, which for them is a way of life and otherwise a complete ‘yoga’ in itself.

Although now things are changing, yet I presume a great number of Japanese families still practice Seiza as a matter of routine, including while having their food.

Hopefully we will get to read more about this aspect of Japanese dining from the author Naomi Moriyama sometime in the future.

In a globalized world, unless we learn from the best practices of each other, we will never be able to find our own composure. Plus this also gives us the opportunity to locate the common threads needed for harmonious living as a peaceful and progressive human being anywhere in the world.

I am father of a 10-year old. I cook for my kid everyday. Today as I read this write-up, I felt extremely delighted, when I discovered that we have been practicing all 7 steps, as recommended by the author.

Thus I can certify, they are universal.

Further talking on common-connects, Seiza of Japan, is Vajrasana in India. and the modern teachers of yoga are recommending it very strongly as an after-food exercise.

Otherwise, the traditional posture for eating in India is sitting cross-legged on floor, which is similar in its effect as Seiza.

Many families still practice it, yet in modern times, migration to table-chair based dining has been undeniably huge.

Now since Indian food contains heavy use of spices with often high oil content, this migration is proving to be one of the reasons leading to lifestyle diseases in people.

To arrest these problems the modern teachers have been recommending regular practice of Seiza / Vajrasana.

I am sure people in other parts of the world too will have similar experiences. Please share and let this be a chain.