It’s healthier to slow down, try things, take time to find your way. And if it means you demonstrate little (or no) talent at something, be grateful.
The Magic Power of Doing Things Badly
Karen Nimmo

I feel life too in a way is similar to any creature. Its constantly breathing, in and out. Only difference that its oxygen is the work that we do and hence we are constantly working (karma). Even sleep is a work. Doing nothing is a work, etc.

In this context, there are times when it must necessarily breathe in. Those are the times that require intense action (say exams). And there are times it must breath out (say vacations after exams). Those are the times to slow down, take it easy, etc. Understanding this pattern and adjusting accordingly is very important.

Besides, I don’t think, anyone who doesn’t understand the value of slowing down or even vice-versa (e.g. lazy people), would ever find their higher purpose.

Excellent write-up. Wonderful perspective. Hope lot of people read this. Shared on both Twitter and Linkedin. Good wishes.

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