The only person who knows your tolerance…is you.
The agony of burning out
Sarah McCasland

In modern society most of our time and energy is going into professional work or work for profession. The reason is that the basic needs of life have increased. Life styles have to be supported. Responsibilities have to be fulfilled. This is what is pushing people into accepting more than they can handle.

In such times, I feel, this statement: “ The only person who knows your tolerance…is you.” by the author Sarah McCasland comes as a beautiful reminder for self-reflection for everyone. Excellent write-up. Congratulations.

Further, as the author showed… cooking & clicking (photo) worked for her as a stress-buster, similarly we all can find something within our own life that can fizzle the bad air.

And if still you can’t, feel free to write to me. I teach friends like you to do the same with easy meditative exercises. Good wishes & peace to all.

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