A Cardiologist’s Prescription For Happiness
Dr. Reena Pande

Loneliness is a serious problem of the modern world.

We are seeing cases of people with infinite connectivity — Young guys & gals, in their energetic youth, with long list of friends on social media, with a boy-friend/girl-friend or even friends-with-benefit, and still complaining being lonely. ‘I am doing it just for time-pass!’ This is the answer so many people now offer.

Also among the veterans and the elderly ones. Excellent pension/financial security, kids well settled, lovely grand-kids… yet lonely. ‘No one has time for us,’ so many of them complain.

Next, the ones in the thick of the race. They have everything what they dreamt about. Excellent degree, Professional success, wealth, social recognition, big cars, good homes, family, yet… feeling of emptiness within, wondering what life has been. ‘Life has become a rut,’ so many professionals nowadays say.


This is something, I believe we all must think and reflect upon for ourselves. And in this direction — Being Grateful & Exercising everyday should be the best starting points.

Good, though provoking write-up Dr. Pande.

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