Five out of six is great!
L.C. Hanby Hudgens

‘Mamma Mia… lets take a break!!!’

As a kid I was horrible at counting back change. And my father would insist that i always must. And that he insisted rather strongly. And that then ruptured the fabric between the two of us.

Then when my kid was born, i told myself that i m not going to let it happen between us. So i became friends with her the moment i saw her first. Now I see, she simply follows me into doing whatever I am doing, because i do the same with her when she wants. Thus I make sure i play with her, her games, at least for sometime (15 min/20 min) everyday and then she says, ‘now let me help you do your stuff,’ and like this the needful gets done with lot of smiles and love.

Right now she wants me to start her yoga class… so more later :) Gud day… Gud wishes. Thank you for your response. Look to read more…

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