Problem of life = Purpose of life

Countless people in the world struggle to find their purpose in life. Here I share with you a simple formula.

There are 5 facts that you have to keep in mind to find your purpose in life.

Fact #1: Your problem in life is also your purpose of life.

For example: If your problem of life has been finding food, then the purpose of life too shall be finding food only. Likewise, whatever you will see as the core-problem of your life shall also become the purpose of your life. This is a simple truth.

Fact #2: The purpose of life evolves through life

This happens because our perception of problems too evolves with time. For instance, say yesterday, finding food to feed your self was the problem; today the same problem may have appeared again or may not be there at all because food has become available in abundance, accordingly, your perception of the problem shall transform.

In this reference there are 4 types of problems you may face in life:

  1. Body level problems: Hunger, illness, pain, poverty, etc.

2. Mind level problems: Thoughts as fears, anxieties, desires, anger, etc.

3. Intellect level problems: Confusions of faith, disbelief, identity crisis, infamy, etc.

4. Spirit level problems: Sense of emptiness, loss of perspective, directionless-ness in life, etc.

You will keep journeying, up and down on this ladder based on the various conditions and situations in life and this brings us to the third fact about problems and purpose in life.

Fact #3: Same problem may make different people seek different purposes in life.

For example: A hungry person may choose to become a thief. Yet another one may start looking for work. Further, a third one may go into growing food, while a fourth person may choose to do something totally different to address the same issue.

Like this every person who interfaces a problem may react to it in their own unique way. In the language of Vedanta these choices made by you in your life are attributed to the accumulation of your Karma, which brings us to the fourth fact about the purpose of life.

Fact #4: You get attracted naturally to that purpose of life which aligns with your own truth.

In this sense, a lazy person will never take the path of hard work as a purpose of life. Likewise everyone shall choose that only, which is closest to their existing truth.

Hence, in a way what you choose as your purpose in life also tells about your orientation towards your own reality and this in turn brings us to the final fact about the choice of purpose in life. This one is related to fulfilling the chosen purpose.

Fact #5: There are 2 ways to fulfilling the purpose of life.

The first is the random quest. The second is the disciplined approach.

The random path is the path of raw instincts, while the disciplined path is the path of yoga (karma yoga), travelled and tested by those who have displayed distinctly superior behaviour in the past.

In this context, Karma Yoga is the path that takes us beyond all the problems of life. It allows us to achieve that which may stand invisible and beyond imagination as of now.

Nevertheless, this interesting journey starts by correctly identifying the current problem of life. Once that has been done, your own truth shall guide you appropriately.


Contradictions in life come only when either the problem has been identified incorrectly or the path of natural truth is sacrificed.

Further, with a little training, both these issues can be easily corrected.

Puneet writes on science of yoga mixing it with the challenges of modern life. He also conducts interactive educational workshops on the subject. He may as well be contacted for personalised Meditation Clinics in event of facing problems in yoga, meditation or purpose in life.

Originally published at on February 24, 2017.