There are things so important for the wives.

After 14 years into marriage.

Hiding in or Showing up!

Seven years ago, while on a vacation to a sea-side location, my wife bought herself a beach dress. Interestingly, even now, she can fit into it wonderfully. And I have seen that this little thing makes her extremely happy; abundantly joyous.

I have also observed that whenever she is living that moment, she cares for nothing; she’s in pure bliss.

Though I recall, initially, she wasn’t even sure of the idea of getting herself into a beach costume. At that point I had supported her confidence a little and now the rest is history.

In contrast, I view my situation through these years. 7 years ago, when we took that vacation, I was on the verge of making the biggest transformation in my life. I was at the peak of my professional success. Yet I was not happy at all. I had several issues with my work. Somehow, what brought me my money seemed unacceptable to me.

Soon thereafter, I began changing my life. Although, this change was not easy for her, yet, my wife supported me through it to let me find my purpose, my vision in life.

Yesterday, I read this beautiful story by Dinah Davis of her experience at the beach with her little one and that got my thoughts going; self-reflecting and now culminating here into this write-up. This little exercise make me realize 3 things about us as a couple:

1. We have stayed together, even when knowing our countless differences.
2. Possibly by doing that, we have complimented each other, as a team, in the various objectives of life.
3. Most pleasantly, our individual sacrifices now show as self-confidence in our kid.
Hello! Anyone Home! You gotta visitor!

In these years, I have gone deep into Yoga. In contrast my wife says, Yoga is not for her.

Ironically, years ago, when I was at the top of my confusion, though making handsome money, yet persistently feeling physically & mentally exhausted, it was my wife who taught me a medley of Asanas, (easy body postures & breathing disciplines) to regain my composure.

To an extent, on that vacation, seven years ago, we would be besides the pool and practicing our Yoga routine, jointly. Still possibly, the memory of the beach dress has proved to be more exciting for her; while Yoga has been my choice.

This morning, my wife woke up with a mild body ache. It’s her off day from work and she wanted to go walking. ‘Can you give me a quick massage?’ She asked. I instead took her through the same easy exercises that she once taught me years ago and now she has happily gone walking feeling relieved, while I sit back and write this piece.

Now let’s see what unfolds next! :)

Shy! Who? Me! No way!

The eventual purpose of life is to be in the state of eternal bliss. In this reference what our little actions of everyday living bring us is mostly the temporary joys. Thereafter, it is Methods like Yoga that help us turn our momentary pleasures into a flow of uninterrupted and pure stream of blissful consciousness.

Further, though, this is an open secret, yet no one can be forced into the path of Yoga and that’s because it is only self-realization that brings you to its thought.

Also, a popular perception is that the things like Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality etc., are for the monks and the ascetics. They are stuffs to be done in obscure caves of the Himalayas or somewhere similar. This perception is like saying that the Sun and the Moon are only for the few. On the contrary…

If couples can join hands on certain noble values in life, even unknowingly, the Science of Yoga starts growing through them.

This has been my learning from my experiences over the years, as I wait patiently for my partner to integrate herself back into the active practice of Yoga.