Are You Able To Talk To Your Boss About Depression?
Lisa Gallagher

There is a limit to what others can do for you. And that’s not because they don’t empathize, but because they have to deal with their own problems; their own challenges.

For instance a business head is bound to work for operational efficiency & institutional profit. Plus they may have limited resources at their disposal. In such scenario its unlikely anyone would be able to support anyone in event of prolonged suffering.

Thus, ‘Help Yourself’ must always be the first principle. And its not as difficult either.

  1. Some Good Habits +
  2. One / Two Positive Hobbies &
  3. Physical Exercise — running, sports, swimming, yoga, etc.

This can get anyone started on the road to recovery.

Plus of course medical help, positive thoughts and things like meditation, etc. too work as great supports.

Unless, you look within yourself, no one can cure you from your difficulties and once you have peeped within, with a positive spark to change, no one and nothing can stop you from transforming.

This has been my experience.

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