The Line Between Persistence and Stubbornness Is Thin — Here’s How to Be On the Right Side
Dr. Mila Kachovska

What are you born to do?

He was an ordinary barrister: unknown, stubborn and often unduly idealistic. Did the same quality make him Mahatma Gandhi?

Can a caterpillar know that one day its going to be a butterfly? Plus also the fact that not all caterpillars become butterfly. Most in fact die much before. Yet, is there any harm in trying to be the best caterpillar one can be given one’s capabilities?

If our energy, whatever that is, is making us a better human being, its persistence. If not, its stubbornness. This is what I learn from my life.

Further, in this matter, we ourselves are the judge and the jury. We can take our inputs from the world, yet in the end we must decide for ourselves. Each one for themselves.

Lastly, each one is born to do something. Call it destiny, fate, luck, karma or whatever. A lot of things will happen on their own and in all these things there is only one thing a human being can control — the judgement to side with the good or the bad. Because both co-exist and it is often debated that one is needed for the other.

Still, if we look at the human history, we find that people who are held in reverence, were the ones who chose the path of good, repeatedly and deliberately and irrespective of what came upon them in return and that was their persistence.

Hence, everything is an individual’s choice, which is to be made, moment after moment, every moment, until the last breath of the life.

My students ask me — what is meditation? What is yoga? And I keep defining these ideas differently, so they may understand and imbibe. Today thanks to Dr. Mila Kachovska I have found yet another definition for these technical terms— training & practice in the art & science of making the best choice at every given point of time, with persistence, is yoga, is meditation.

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