I’ve been finding it hard to sit at the designated times.
The painting with the baby birds grabbed my attention right away!
Gail Boenning

You will not be the only one Gail Boenning to find it tough. I too face the same challenge, everyday, for almost every session.

Also the trick here is to try ‘softer’. Yes, ‘softer’.

For instance, last week I was in the market for a quick-pick just before the session and there it began raining. I had to take shelter. Couldn’t move. Simultaneously I sensed it must be the time. So what i did?

Stood still where I was and quietly closed my eyes. I don’t know how long i stood like that. Had carried neither watch nor phone, however afterwards somehow felt some extra silence outside. Then opened my eyes. Rain had stopped. Walked back home (5 min), found it was 35 minutes past the time. Now smiled. :)

Hence, worry not where you are, what you are caught into, instead simply think of ‘it’ at that moment and slowly the trance will come by itself in many magical ways.

You are doing great. Keep going.

Tagging also Alii Scott to read this. She is such a tremendous inspiration in this matter.

Good wishes to all.

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