That’s fun things to do. I don’t really think I could take a trip when I’m demotivated. I usually curl up and sulk and it’s difficult for me to actively do something.
Thanks for the observation.
Priya Ravinder

Your remark is very interesting. Incidentally, i used to be precisely like you in my younger days. Then i learned a science. And then I began practicing it everyday. Slowly I discovered that my best motivations began coming to me in the moments of deepest demotivation. As a result instances of curling up and sulking etc. came down drastically and instead began evolving in their place a very strong sense of purpose. This has been how I have now come up to teach others the same science.

My friends who learn from me are teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, students — they all have similar issues. Yet, because they showed a little courage at some point; they are now easily able to transform their situation and with it their life.

You wanted to listen something from me about Meditation, so this was your personalized message. :)

Good wishes & Take care.

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