Forehead acne

Forehead acne — Easy to see but hard to cover. Acne also known as acne vulgaris is a skin problem that occurs mainly during puberty when the oil glands come to life. Having acne is not dangerous, however it may cause skin scars. It can be absolute worst, when you have one right before any event. Forehead is considered to be the worst of places to get acne after your cheeks. During puberty it is our hormones that can make the skin to make a lot of oil causing pimples.

There are a lot of ways available to hide forehead acne but how long can we hide them?? This article is all about forehead acne, its causes and treatment.

Forehead pimples –

Pimples can happen more or fewer everywhere on the body. The forehead is the most common place for pimples to develop. Forehead — a region of face which is believed to be very oily as well as shiny. Home remedies can be best used to get rid of forehead acne. Many people have a similar question — ‘ why do forehead acne occurs’ ? First of all, know the causes of forehead acne.

Forehead acne causes-

Here are some of the common causes for forehead acne to occur –

  • Clogged pores — This is main cause for pimples to develop anywhere. The remedy Is to steam your face, once or twice a month including your forehead. Avoid excessive steaming.
  • Hair dandruff — Hair dandruff is another prime cause for acne on forehead. Most effective remedy available is to get rid of dandruff with the help of good quality anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Oily scalp — An oily scalp tends to dribble oil on the forehead that can cause pimples to occur. Best remedy is to wash your hair more often so as to keep your scalp oil free.
  • Unbalanced diet — Lack of proper diet can be a reason for forehead acne. Remedy available is to drink lots of water and include more vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  • Hair products — Various hair styling products like hair sprays can lead to pimples. Avoid them to come into contact with your forehead. Switch to other organic hair products in such cases.
  • High Stress— Stress is also believed to be another cause for forehead acne. Simple remedy is to have a healthy lifestyle and healthy living in life. Try meditation and yoga to avoid stress in life.
  • Helmets and caps — Wearing helmets and caps for those driving two-wheelers can be more prone to forehead acne. Best remedy is to ensure it free of dust.
  • Genetic factors — The hormonal and genetic factors are also responsible for forehead acne. Genetic factors are the most difficult to treat as they are caused by genes.

Forehead acne treatment –

Here are a few but best remedies that will help reduce acne and pimples on the forehead –

  • Change your lifestyle — First of all, bring changes in your lifestyle and habits. Believe in yoga and meditation to get rid of stress that is one of the reason for acne on forehead.
  • Washing hairs — Wash your hairs everyday everyday to get rid of acne on forehead. Although that may dry out your hair but it will help as oily scalp causes more pimples on forehead. Don’t let hairs come to your forehead.
  • Clean your face — One of the best ways to get rid of forehead acne is to keep your forehead clean of dust or any bacteria or dead skin cells. Wash your face two-three times a day with a gentle face wash.
  • Gentle hair products — Avoid using oily hair products, instead use gentle hair products. Also keep long hairs away from your face and forehead.
  • Minimize use of cosmetics — Avoid using too much of make-up, powders and other oil based cosmetics. Use them very less. Make sure to cleanse your make-up every night before you sleep.
  • Lemon juice — Leave few drops of lemon juice on your forehead overnight. The best time to apply lemon juice is at night. Make sure not to go out in the sun.
  • Apply Cider Vinegar — This is another best remedy to get rid of forehead acne. Simply apply a little bit of apple cider vinegar once or twice a day to get best results.
  • Honey — Honey mixed with a little bit of mustard powder can give best results for acne on forehead. It will also make the skin healthy and glowing.
  • Avoid popping pimples — Avoid popping pimples. As this may lead to permanent scars on the forehead.

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