Are uneducated people easy to be manipulated? Or does being educated means “smarter”?

I have often observed people instinctively considering poorly educated ones as easily manipulatable people. And it makes me to wonder if it was education what made you superior? If so, why?

The answer lies in the way you were educated. The human brain has the tendency to learn and absorb what we see, observe, feel and hear in our out of our classrooms.

The very initial lessons of our life are learned from our homes where we learn to love, feel and respond to the world around us. The values of kindness, compassion, and sympathy are the lesson we learn from people around us. This is how our opinions and emotions are influenced.

The equations in Mathematics may balance the values of variables but may never let you know the way to balance human relationships; the laws and theories in physics can not be implemented to our lives, the chemistry lessons may never find elements composing happiness.

The real lessons are learned from what our senses inhale from people around us and these lessons are never priced. The man-made system may be biased, the universe never is. Over periods of time the poorly educated people like Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, Mark Twain (Author) , William Shakespeare have composed the lessons the educating people spend years to understand.

Education in schools is the path to knowledge. Success comes from natural skills and knowledge. Highschool degrees are not a hallmark of “success” and “smartness”.