Tiffin Service In Pune

The company assures Hygienic and wholesome food to its customers.

“ The idea behind launching Pune Tiffin Service is to provide people with nutritious and

customized meals at their doorstep and make them and their Tummy happy.”

It’s an online tiffin service company that offers high quality healthy and delicious meal plans for Students, homes and offices. With a seamless blend of advanced nutrition, food science and food service, it offers wellness meals that are in accordance with the customer’s preferences.

Our Tiffin Service is looking forward to expand its orbit to each and every corner across Pune.

Food of one’s choice is a very important for all. Be it students who are staying away from their families or worker or an office-goer’s. When you work for more than 12 hours per day unlike counterparts in other countries, healthy food becomes an important part of a work routine. Pune Tiffins provides a healthy homemade meal which is very affordable.

Even if you do not have a cook back at home or someone to fill your lunch box, then there are professional cooks who can cook up some healthy home food for your tiffin box. The ‘tiffin service in Pune’ has evolved to such an extent that you can select your cuisine, whether you want a particular kind of vegetable or not,spicy or without much spices,less oil– there is a choice for every plate.

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