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After last amazing couple of years Pungo is saying goodbye for good.

Blockchain is a fascinating technology, with many projects being build for all tastes. Some more focused on mainstream and some others building amazing decentralized techs that could potentially create new governance forms and independent economies. In my humble opinion the second is way more interesting than helping biggest tech/financial companies settle their accounts faster and more securely.

One may discuss that the impact on vastly improving record keeping, clearing and account control on biggest tech/fintech companies directly impacts a vast amount of population. In the short term, that’s true; in the mid & long term, it brings even more power over people to those giant corporations; so I guess it’s a matter of own tastes regarding how people really benefits from tech. …

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese proverb

About Pungo

Let me become a bit intimate this days. Things have changed radically the last few weeks, however, we come from crypto, where continuous-fast change is the rule.

More recently, most of the world has had no option but to stay home and try to understand how the world is changing our lives at high speed. At Pungo I have been tirelessly working day and night to get our Pungo Cash app finally out and after such effort, the path ahead is even harder :)

When I look back at 2014 when I discovered crypto, NXT, Supernet, Jl777 plans to build great tech, well, I can’t avoid realizing how many things I have learnt along the way by trying to build up with my own hands what started as a kind of hobby project by late 2016. …

At Pungo we have been busy building a real network to evolve to a blockchain based global payment platform

THE PROBLEM: Paying and transferring funds globally is a multi-billion market and should be a pretty simple concept but is still one of the hardest things people from around the world faces on a daily basis, especially those in developing countries or unstable economies and currencies

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2019 Komodo Notary Node Elections are here and we want to share with you some good reasons why we would love to get your support.

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We have been actively involved in Komodo Community since 2014. We share the passion for technology and Blockchain and we are not going anywhere, anywhere soon.


We successfully run 2 Notary Nodes during 2018 and accomplished our commitments including sharing revenue with our Voters in a fully transparent way, with a dedicated website.


PUNGO is building a solid project by creating a Token backed by our revenues which you can see in real time at


By supporting us, you become a PUNGO holder and participate in the success of our project since 20% of Rewards are sent to our token buyback fund ‘’live’’ at


PUNGO is working very hard to deliver exciting products around such as, or and this is just the beginning.


VOTE2019 has been supported in PUNGO Wallet since day 0 to help our users participate in Elections and as part of our compromise with Komodo project.


By supporting PUNGO in elections, you support both KOMODO project by electing a serious Notary Node and you help PUNGO achieve its goals to keep building exciting products for mainstream users based on best technology out there: Komodos’ one.


Pungo Wallet is proudly an open-source project since we strongly believe that users should be able to have visibility on how is made the software they use.


Komodo and other Komodo based coins can get fiat on-ramp access on platform integrated with Pungo Wallet. During 2019, dozens of fiat currencies are being supported in our platform out of the box!


We love to innovate and cooperate. We are closely & friendly working with other community projects because we believe that together we are stronger and cooperation is better than competition


Because VOTE2019 are worthless after Komodo Elections, why keeping it if you can participate ? :)



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Crypto isn’t anymore what it used to be. In fact, it’s better.

However now we don’t call it “cryptocurrency” we call it “Blockchain”. Now it’s harder to find “coins”, we find “tokens”.

In 2019 it’s exciting to be a young startup still fighting to be there and yet delivering. We rebranded to Pungo on 1st January 2019 by releasing this video (less than 1min, watch it!)

After that, we have been silent for some weeks. …

Probably you missed our Pungo Token nice infographics explaining our value proposition. Now, 1 month away from ICO end we already have moved directly to Step 3: Delivering & Scaling the project

I usually say we are not yet another ICO. Yes, I know you will probably think that you have already heard this song, however let us ANNOUNCE some details before you see our nice charts down the post

What is going on?

  1. Our ICO started on mid-september. We were not expecting to raise huge amounts given the bear market but we wanted a meaningful Token so we have spent the time to make sure our token was the right thing, even if we missed the ICO-fever.

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SmartCash is a fast, merchant oriented, user friendly and community driven cryptocurrency with a decentralized governance system. Peer2group is a young blockchain startup bridging the fiat and digital world.

As a result of recent collaboration between Peer2Group and Smartcash teams, SMART has been added to a fiat gateway allowing European users to buy and sell for Euros, with new methods coming soon.

Additionally, at all SMART european users are now able to Order a debit card that can be conveniently loaded with SMART.

Finally, Pungo wallet has been launched and has added support for SMART. The wallet is available for download for Android users and will soon be available for iOS users as well. All Peer2Group’s services will be integrated soon into the wallet, providing effectively with a CRYPTO SERVICE HUB while users keep in total control of their funds at all times. …

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Startups and blockchain are a natural match as a new digital economy is being born.

We know that blockchain might be able to revolutionize many fields but there is one that is on top of the list: money and value.

Many tend to compare cryptocurrency with biggest state currencies but that’s not a fair competition. Cryptocurrencies are a new form of private money which can hold thousands of utilities. We are approaching an epoch where millions of currencies, each one with its own aims, will start to appear in a global borderless world.

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Medici private money in 15th century

Reinventing how money and value is transferred should not scare us. As in all historical races this is opening the door for a vast amount of economical actors to be able to participate in a brand new private currencies market. …

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When we started thinking about creating a Token for the digital economy we realised that it should be something different from what was being done by many projects out there.

In our case we wanted to deliver real value to our token holders by sharing revenue but we also want to develop an in-app economy through all our projects and/or partnered projects.

PART 1: A token backed by real value

It took us some time to set up everything , but finally we came up with the concept of “Revenue share” through a Public Buyback Fund.

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To guarantee that collected REVENUES are always there and are collected in a honest way we have set up a full transparency program with Inlea Foundation through its Opening Chain project to provide holders with all information regarding the funds sent to Public Buyback Fund.

We are living a paradigm shift where the exponential growth of e-commerce and the internet has pushed changes in the way to pay and hence the raise of payment methods and similar instruments worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies are re-inventing how the money is understood and how value is transferred over the world. For first time in history a currency can be totally trustless and protocolized. This means that money and value transfer just landed into the internet era.

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Pungo Wallet ecosystem

E-wallets are meant to be a key survival kit for the digital citizen of XXIst century. …



Helping people and businesses engage blockchain world

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