Expanding our payment network

At Pungo we have been busy building a real network to evolve to a blockchain based global payment platform

THE PROBLEM: Paying and transferring funds globally is a multi-billion market and should be a pretty simple concept but is still one of the hardest things people from around the world faces on a daily basis, especially those in developing countries or unstable economies and currencies

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  • We provide access to most easy to handle Digital USD globally without restrictions (PUSD for Proxy USD). No fees & no gas needed to send & receive it thanks to Komodo Technology
  • We allow cash in & cash out abilities in most countries of EU & LATAM. We have partnered with local providers and we are looking forward to scale our solution upcoming months
  • Business payments: We have onboarded a couple of international businesses that are performing payment pilots to send payments abroad
  • Your funds are only yours: We don’t have access to user funds in the wallet.


  • As of today you can enjoy all the supported currencies in Pungo Wallet
  • Transaction limits will be growing upcoming months as volume grows
  • We will be showcasing our products soon at EBC in Barcelona (20–21st January) and through several private meetings
  • A simplified Pungo.cash wallet will be released in upcoming weeks for a closed beta

1. Subscribe to our Private Beta now for Pungo Cash
2. Download & try our Pungo Wallet today!

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