Peer2Group Ambassadors Bounty Program

The Ambassadors Bounty Program is a series of actions that aims to spread information about our services from a constructive point of view. That is, if there is a communication action which is positive for us, help us improve or get a positive engagement from the community, we will reward you.

Am I eligible?

You might be eligible for Ambassadors Bounty Program if you talk, comment, help improve or spread the word about different Peer2Group products on social media. Writing and sharing among your friends, giving your positive point of view or by evaluating our products.

We differentiate 3 types of collaborations:

  • Quality content creation: That involves writing an article, creating a video review or other type of content creation that involves some time and preparation. Usually on Medium, Youtube, Media sites…
  • Improving product outreach: This includes tweets or posts in social media that we consider that have great impact, product reviews, sharing personal experiences with our products, product feedback & opinions… Usually on: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook
  • Testing, reporting, helping and supporting: We value when people takes the time to point out problems; help us improve or helps other people better understand our products. We will try to cover all this actions, too, under this program and we will reward most active users.

What are Actions?

Not all the contents will be always rewarded. We will be periodically publishing calls for actions on certain subjects and products we want to focus on.

As we publish calls for actions, ambassadors who want to help us will know which subjects will be rewarded until next call for action is published or a call for action is publicly stopped.

Calls for Actions are a public and transparent way of asking our Ambassadors to help us communicate, explain, explore, test and review.

How reward system works?

The rewards depend on the actions and their positive social impact. We will evaluate each action and give it a reward value. We will maintain a public read-only document with actions being done, author and reward obtained.

Just after summer, when our token is released, those participants will receive the total amount of rewards obtained.

What is the reward? Early bird access to our tokens!

As we have previously announced, we will be very soon releasing our own token. We will be rewarding your actions with this new token which will be Komodo compatible. You will soon have more information on it, but meanwhile, you will be able to accumulate it first than anyone on the universe 😎.

Why should I participate?

If you love and participate on Komodo community, you like our projects and what we are trying to build, you can get rewarded for something you already like to do and talk about in social networks.

If you like to write, create content and blockchain projects like ours, it’s a great opportunity to get involved while getting rewarded for that.

If you want to get some of our tokens because you think they’re worth it, but you prefer not to pay for them, it’s a great opportunity to get onboard with us as a collaborator and help us deliver a great product to the community.

Last but not least…we want to make sure everyone understands a few things:

  • We like authentic stories and true experiences. We are not going to reward people just for saying everything is fine and our products are great.
  • We value feedback, opinions and constructive criticism. So again, we will value original content, not the “it works out of the box, it’s great”
  • We will consider users who do small actions day after day and set up especial recognition bounties for them. Just make sure to let us know what you are doing. We can’t be everywhere at the same time.

Our 1st Call for Action is… Sharing peer2krd loading & usage experience

The first action is about Peer2krd, a reload card service to spend your KMD anywhere. Choose a social channel to spread the word around the community and explain to them your personal experience using this service and how it worked for you… writing an article, writing a post, creating a video, etc.

How we know your actions?

We provide an e-mail for ambassadors where you can send your actions:

You need to add:

  • Links: All links of content creation you did yourself that you think apply to this bounty program.
  • Nickname: A public nickname, we will use for public lists of actions & rewards.
  • E-mail: A contact e-mail address and/or Komodo Discord nickname.
  • KMD address: Optional, a KMD address for our token payouts. You can always provide it later too.

We’re very grateful for all the help and good feelings we are getting from the community, thanks for your support!