Pungo: Much more than a wallet

We are living a paradigm shift where the exponential growth of e-commerce and the internet has pushed changes in the way to pay and hence the raise of payment methods and similar instruments worldwide.

Cryptocurrencies are re-inventing how the money is understood and how value is transferred over the world. For first time in history a currency can be totally trustless and protocolized. This means that money and value transfer just landed into the internet era.

Pungo Wallet ecosystem
E-wallets are meant to be a key survival kit for the digital citizen of XXIst century. If we let others control our e-wallets they will be the next “banks” in our lifes.

That’s why we belief that wallets should be open source, multi-coin and should always guarantee the user total control on his own assets.

Komodo amazing technology stack has slowly been cooked during last years and aligns totally with our way of looking to the world: Right to privacy, freedom to choose, to build and to learn. That’s how our Pungo wallet has born; aiming to put its grain into building a next generation E-Wallet easy to use, that respects the user.

The new digital economy needs new openness standards, where users, companies & products can have a much closer relations but also better respect each other.

Pungo Wallet has been born to put together all our products. To engage companies, partners and traders to build an open framework to better serve the ecosystem and grow with it. A distributed fiat gateway working on a non custodial wallet that will connect with several card programs that we will engage around the world and backed by a revenue backed utility token. We want to build resilient products, based on the concept that “you might kill one but you cannot kill them’all”

Pungo wallet its an open toolkit, a full ecosystem wallet wich aims is to become a hub of crypto services. A reference wallet for those users searching independence from mainstream financial solutions by providing a full set of convenient services seamlessly integrated.

We are ready for this adventure. Are you?

Join us tomorrow 15th september at our Pungo Token Sale starting at 11am CEST