Pungo, our revenue backed token

After months of hard work we are finally ready to share our plans

We have created what we think is an amazing token (powered by Komodo tech) with some unique features. Let’s give a warm welcome to Pungo Token (PGT)!

Pungo token has all ingredients for the just born digital economy

Let me share with you why we are so excited after months of work:

How the Foundation helps Pungo token become a pioneer in transparency
  • All our products “pay” fees to a Crypto Buyback Fund.
  • Our initial Marketcap is really low (<5 million USD) and Pungo Token has an increasing underlying value.
How revenue flows into the Public Buyback Fund
  • We are deploying a full set of features around the token in our Products.
Some of the features Pungo token delivers

Least but not last, let me share some facts

  • We released our Peer2Cash fiat gateway, supporting BUY and SELL Komodo & Bitcoin, with lot more coins coming soon.
  • We successfully released our Peer2krd Debit card reload service this summer and after a successful test we are reopening our card program this next week with the scope of having 1k cards distributed within 3 months.
  • We have been successfully managing 2 Notary Nodes from Komodo backbone. 10% of mining profits are going directly to PungoToken BuyBack Fund.
  • Our Pungo Wallet is being born this days for the token sale! We are releasing a “light” (SPV) Crypto Wallet that supports many coins and will integrate all our products (fiat gateway, card program…) powered by Komodo tech!
Our new Pungo wallet is here!

We are feeling excited to share with you this incredible news. All the team has been working around the clock to make this possible.

Crowdsale is starting 15th September but if you have questions or comments feel free to contact us through our social media or even by e-mail (contact@peer2.group).

Find all the information about the token event at Pungotoken.com page and if you want to get some free tokens, keep connected with us as we will publish our Ambassadors Program Rewards very soon and you will be able to participate with all the actions (present or past days) you have performed to help spread the word of our token sale!

As always, exciting times ahead :)