“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese proverb

About Pungo

Let me become a bit intimate this days. Things have changed radically the last few weeks, however, we come from crypto, where continuous-fast change is the rule.

More recently, most of the world has had no option but to stay home and try to understand how the world is changing our lives at high speed. At Pungo I have been tirelessly working day and night to get our Pungo Cash app finally out and after such effort, the path ahead is even harder :)

When I look back at 2014 when I discovered crypto, NXT, Supernet, Jl777 plans to build great tech, well, I can’t avoid realizing how many things I have learnt along the way by trying to build up with my own hands what started as a kind of hobby project by late 2016.

After all those hours, energy and learning, still being around is something I’m glad I have been able to achieve. Hundreds of projects popped up and then disappeared. A lot of people just gave up. I’m not saying I will never give up, however I really enjoy trying while it’s possible for me to do so. And “enjoying” means putting most days more than 10-12h on the project and having almost no free weekends. Maybe I’m obstinate and stubborn but the more I try, the more I feel I’m more prepared and skilled to perform and take things to the next step.

Just this year 2020, Pungo has performed at RACEbyEBC at European Blockchain Convention. We actively participated in the alternative to the suspended WMC in Barcelona organized by Barcelona Tech City and many city players: We were in pitching BlockchainSpirit and also we had our place in FintechSpirit, near Revolut and others.

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During those events Pungo had the opportunity to talk with many businesses that are looking for ways to cover their international transfers needs and we discovered how much interest a product like ours raised between assistants.

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Last but not least we have joined the Barcelona Tech City hub becoming a part of the affiliated companies & taking part of a number of activities and resources they offer for startups.

On top of that, technical & business side kept going to make sure that we can go to market with our partners in Latam and building up on that ground. On technical side we recently airdropped to our last year supporters almost 1.5 M PGT that we definitely will use as a tool to transmit achievements to our supporters.

As of 13th April, as Komodo NN elections started, we fastly realized that there was no official announcements on any app to Vote. So in less than 24h we set up a VOTE2020 flavored app to let community vote online (via web) or via Android. Fortunately, one day later, Komodo moved forward and VOTE2020 was added to AtomicDEX. We strongly believe that empowering users to participate is a matter of the utmost importance in Elections.

Now its mid 2020 and yes, Covid-19 is striking hard worldwide. However, from Pungo we have once again decided to keep going ahead, putting our best efforts and we are pushing out a great app, a great affiliation program and many great plans on the roadmap, including the possibility to go Keyless (yes, non-custodial wallet without keys) during this 2020, whenever we secure some investment along with 3rd party integrations (included Komodo team & apps if they wish) of our passwordless API for fiat-crypto-fiat deposit & withdrawals. Anyone can connect with us and get revenue on it.

So, finally, in this long way, let me ask for the support of the Komodo Community. Pungo has been already around quite a long time to proof we are legitimate, hard workers and honest about our plans.

This 2020 we really need your votes to keep the project alive & working hard towards a happy ending. From my point of view, I feel more prepared than ever. That’s why I wanted to share with you this ancient proverb I started with, which you might re-read now:

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese proverb

If you think we are worth it, kindly ask your support for Pungo Cloud SH node in current Komodo Elections:

SEND your VOTE2020 to our SH address:

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Once again, thanks for reading,

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