The bear market & the good projects

Crypto isn’t anymore what it used to be. In fact, it’s better.

However now we don’t call it “cryptocurrency” we call it “Blockchain”. Now it’s harder to find “coins”, we find “tokens”.

In 2019 it’s exciting to be a young startup still fighting to be there and yet delivering. We rebranded to Pungo on 1st January 2019 by releasing this video (less than 1min, watch it!)

After that, we have been silent for some weeks. There is a good reason for that: we are working hard concentrating our energies to prepare the next big things coming live in our products…which are quite a lot.

As we don’t like to bore readers, let’s go for it.

What we have done last weeks:

  • We Rebranded to Pungo!
  • We are serving several customers with whitelabelled versions of our wallet including SUQA, COQUICASH & TYSLIN
  • We released ETH support in Pungo Wallet
  • We released ERC-20 support in Pungo Wallet (as of today 25th january)
  • We are collaborating with several projects such as Chainzilla & making an a branded Token sale & we have a really great announcement we will post soon related to this :)
  • We have released last MONTHLY REPORT on Opening Chain project by INLEA Foundation. Our Buyback fund keeps growing & we are rebuilding our site to make it even more transparent for our token holders.
  • We have partnered with Spark team to be able to improve Pungo Card reloadable services (faster reloads & cheaper fee)
  • We renamed PGT to PUNGO to avoid name collisions with ERC20 tokens

What is coming next & when

We used to say “by next tuesday”, whoever tells me why, I will send a small bounty of 200 PUNGO ;) that actually means somebody is reading us ^^

  • Yes, PUNGO will be tradable somewhere; directly within wallet. More clues: see Liquid & Swap on PungoApp page.
  • Pungo wallet, reloaded: New design. Easier to use. Easier to onboard. Granma friendly and more languages available.
  • Pungo Cash & Pungo card finally integrated natively. Buy & Sell directly from wallet or load your card.
  • Pungo Swaps integrated in-wallet. Freely exchange from one token to other ones at best price.
  • Pungo Liquid for low liquidity coins. Avoid centralized exchanges and set up personalized offers to be filled in a P2P manner by any other wallet user or compatible wallets
  • Spend crypto at your fingertips. We are adding several options so you can spend your favourite cryptos easily from within wallet in many services we are sure you will love!
  • In a rush? Buying fast with credit card directly from Pungo Wallet will soon be integrated

And because images are worth thousand words here we go, an sneak peak of what is coming…

That was it for today. Stay tunned for upcoming news, they are around the corner.

With love, from Pungo Team!