Unleashing our passwordless accounts

Today we are unleashing our passwordless accounts that you will find ready to use on Peer2Cash, our fiat gateway to buy and sell conveniently Komodo & Bitcoin.

There is no 100% safe approach in the digital era, but we know that having dozens if not hundreds of passwords doesn’t help average Bob & Alice.

It’s difficult to keep things easy for them. Password managers have been out there for a long time, however they are not yet widely used by a big part of the internet users. For them, a passwordless approach is far more secure and easy to use than writing once again their dog’s name as password.

Our user accounts will spread through our different products as we release them (and thats’s going to happen very, very soon) and its features will keep growing.

For now we want you to:

  • Stop remembering passwords in 21st century.
  • Use your stored payment profiles without need to re-type them every time.
  • Check your order history in a glimpse.

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