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After last amazing couple of years Pungo is saying goodbye for good.

Blockchain is a fascinating technology, with many projects being build for all tastes. Some more focused on mainstream and some others building amazing decentralized techs that could potentially create new governance forms and independent economies. In my humble opinion the second is way more interesting than helping biggest tech/financial companies settle their accounts faster and more securely.

One may discuss that the impact on vastly improving record keeping, clearing and account control on biggest tech/fintech companies directly impacts a vast amount of population. In the short term, that’s true; in the mid & long term, it brings even more power over people to those giant corporations; so I guess it’s a matter of own tastes regarding how people really benefits from tech. …

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” — Chinese proverb

About Pungo

Let me become a bit intimate this days. Things have changed radically the last few weeks, however, we come from crypto, where continuous-fast change is the rule.

More recently, most of the world has had no option but to stay home and try to understand how the world is changing our lives at high speed. At Pungo I have been tirelessly working day and night to get our Pungo Cash app finally out and after such effort, the path ahead is even harder :)

When I look back at 2014 when I discovered crypto, NXT, Supernet, Jl777 plans to build great tech, well, I can’t avoid realizing how many things I have learnt along the way by trying to build up with my own hands what started as a kind of hobby project by late 2016. …

At Pungo we have been busy building a real network to evolve to a blockchain based global payment platform

THE PROBLEM: Paying and transferring funds globally is a multi-billion market and should be a pretty simple concept but is still one of the hardest things people from around the world faces on a daily basis, especially those in developing countries or unstable economies and currencies

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Helping people and businesses engage blockchain world

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