A Lesson Learned From A Child.

Thing Positive and world become positive for you.

There is a wonderful little story about a minister who was trying to prepare his lecture under different conditions.His wife was out shopping. It was a rainy day and his son is getting bored, with nothing to do. Finally Suddenly in distress, The Minister picked up the old magazine of the world map , It was a huge magazine, He tore the page from the magazine, ripped it into little bits and threw the scraps all over the floor of Living room.

Minister to his Son Jhonny , If you can put all of these paper together in neat way, I’ll give you a Quarter.

The Minister thought this task would take most of the time of the Jhonny. But within ten Minutes the son completed the puzzle. Minister was amazed to see.

Son, “How did you get that done so fast ?” The Preacher asked.

Jhonny replied it was easy, on the other side of the page there is a image of a Man. So i put the piece of paper in terms to join the image of person. and turned it over. I figured that the if I got the man right, The world would be Right.

The Minister Smiled, and handled his son a quarter. ‘ And you are given to me my sermon for tomorrow’ “ If a man is right, his world will be right.”

So I think there is a great lesson in this idea.

Moral :- When you have Positive Mental Attitude, The problems of your world tend to bow before you.

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