Joshua Aadi A Michael
May 14 · 6 min read

Met Police and Intelligence agents broke into my house two times

A key copied from the time of home viewing of my home and original provided by Hristina ,housekeeper from a nationally reputed agency

But don’t you have Verisure alarm system and Motorola cctv ?

Yes and yes , but doesn’t the hacking to subvert it need WiFi password ?

Of course it does, don’t you have Virginmedia most secure broadband WiFi. I do I do I do do do!

Now the key link – my nosy neighbour Mehetas provided the password due to voice recording – who knew someone had time to harass us this much – where I gave my password letter by letter to my client – he took it down and it seems so did the Mehetas .

Now , some months later, we had Hristina come over from a reputed housekeeping agency, who was keen to do everything, we do like a quick learner, but this quick learner spy sent by Met Police took photographs of our WiFi hub (generic password so the password heard in recording taken by Mehetas can be verified by this Met police spy as the one heard ) she took photos of my daughter , unaware to us, naked in bath, when changing clothes and when playing with her dollhouse and in the dining room when eating her favourite pancake with butter. We did not know of this until my daughter told me and my wife and we waited till next time she came for her housekeeping duty and I saw her take photo of my daughter and my wife intervened, we snatched the phone from her and made her delete my daughters photos – along with the hub photos and photo of the cctv Motorola serial model number, we threatened to call the agency, she ‘suddenly manifested a daughter, until then the story was that her daughter was in Romania, then in UK, then she is single and then she is married – her daughter apparently got a seizure the moment we threatened to expose her’ and she ran away, and moved to her home country stating her uncle was dead, then her father in law was dead and then her father was dead and she can’t come to UK anymore.

ever since our anti corruption investigation on Theresa May and Philip May began early las5 year, it culminated in gross privacy issues, shocking misuse of state surveillance and instruments to browbeat a citizen activist and this suffocating surveillance entailed elaborate and all encompassing methods of subversion, subterfuge and deceit practised to hurt, harm and destroy the private and professional life of a activist anti corruption citizen campaigner, and hurt and harm his family and his daughter. State apparatus, state mechanisms, state instruments of surveillance, spying and scrutiny were used to deter and browbeat the activist citizen like me. Attempts on my life were made in October, on my car three times, twice with my daughter in the car and air gun bullets shot at my car. My car was broken into twice, my dossier and laptop with detailed evidence after months of painstaking research which implicated Theresa May and her husband Philip May for insider trading and corruption on a massive scale and profiting from classified cabinet papers ; all these were stolen. Damage was done to my Tehillim, mezuzah , and white soda crystals thrown in the car , if anyone has moist wet hands they would be horribly burnt by the chemical reaction. What sick mind within Met Police would do something like this and still claim to ‘serve London and make a difference’? When you defile and damage a Jew’s possessions , you are writing your own death warrant, we do not have any faith in the Met Police, for thugs are thugs and thugs do spawn thugs all in the name of serving but the aim is to save their own skin and destroy innocent lives. I do not wish to pay my tax for Met Police and therefore I am all for private policing, it’s time to dismantle and break apart the old defunct, retirement overdue bureaucratic pen pushing Met Police.

The saga of hacking began last year and continued till we changed the cctv camera yet the WiFi hub remained the same as it was severely compromised. We installed many many micro cameras in the house with our motorola camera shut off, twice two CID / NCIS seconded officers gained access to my house illegally, without warrant and like common thieves went through our home and planted things in our house, having taken photos of the house and everything therein, they missed so many cameras capturing them in the act.

My legal counsel have been provided the footage and it shall be made available to the media and the inquiry commission set up for investigating Met Police’s spying , honey trap and surveillance agents love imbroglio saga from 70s onwards with over 3700 innocent womens’ lives and trust destroyed and sadly fathering many children in the process ‘of serving Met Police’. So many lives destroyed, so much mess made of personal lives, illegal surveillance of most heinous and terrible form which destroyed lives like ours and no apology whatsoever .

Our letter to the commission and the three committees and the world media will be released from the group offices around the world to world NGO, UNCHR, ECHR; if we are hurt or harmed in any way, the letter explicitly and clearly places the blame at door of Theresa May, Met Police, NCIS, GCHQ.

The question is this :

Who ordered this illegal extrajudicial surveillance in order to save their and their husband’s corrupt behinds @?

Who would benefit from this and why ? What did Theresa May and Philip May fear I had uncovered and how damaging was it for them, their careers, their freedom, and how badly were they implicated in this corruption and benefiting from classified cabinet information? Did they know what I had uncovered, did Theresa May use her executive powers illegally to order illegal extra judicial surveillance and official harassment to dissuade me from investigating any further and were the horrifying attempts on my life and on my family in my car as a warning to not go any further with the investigation into her husbands and her role in this corruption and insider trading saga ? Why did the state intelligence and police agencies work to her orders without reason and without conscience , was it in their remit to save their skin by saving Theresa May’s skin and were they offered ‘better funding’ in order for this ‘work’ to be done?

We must all questions and ask who can you trust in government and in the nation , if those we elect and those who are supposed to protect the nation and supposed to serve the citizens ; misuse their power and authority in order to serve their political masters, did they not realise that by doing this evil wrong treacherous act , they have betrayed Her Majesty the Queen whose realm and dominion it is, she serves her people yet her own servants have worked to damage and trample on her oath she made sincerely and with such faith , to her Maker at time of her coronation, and to her people, her children.

That is why we leave our fates and our lives in Her Majesty’s hands, we are her children, and she is the handmaiden of God, she will have to answer to Him on earth and in heaven for any wrongdoing done in her good name which she wasn’t aware of , yet her Maker will want to know her answer to the question :

Elizabeth, did you not know those who serve you chose to serve themselves and did not discharge their duty well but harmed your children your subjects’ rights to live and work as per their conscience and ability?

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Jewish Artist, writer, poet, philosopher & satirist

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