Joshua Aadi A Michael
May 12 · 6 min read


I emailed you on Friday hoping to let reason guide you and advise you to stop the anti Jewish anti Semitic anti Israel anti Zionist rally in London on Saturday. I wished to attend but we chose to stay home and pray and be with family, as it was sabbath.

If it was Sunday , then we would have joined and given a good reply and counter protested with gusto against the vile antisemitic anti Jewish Palestine Rally you allowed and gave permission within 48 hours of you attending the Holocaust Memorial Day. When you shed faux crocodile tears , did you think twice before you allowed the rally to go ahead which allowed virulently antisemitic vile figures to attend who were from politics, and featured prominently antisemitic NGOs which are front for terrorist organisations and work as vile terror apologists for Hamas, Hizbollah, Harkat Al Ansar, Fatah and Islamic Jihad who operate from Palestine and cause mayhem, murder and destruction of peace and property of peaceful god loving kind Jewish Israelis.

The rally cry ‘from the river to the sea Palestine will be free’ was the rallying bloodcurdling cry for Palestinians to kill innocent Jewish men women and children during the Intifada and used each time, it was at that time Yasser Arafat the devil terrorist, sported the keffiyeh which when asked what the black squares interlinking throughout whole scarf meant – his reply was that it meant the kaffan (funerary shroud) which each Jew will be covered with and the thick black line which works as a marker on the keffiyehs stands for ‘river to the sea Palisteen inshallah will be free no joos anywhere, because they will be …(pointing to the scarf and imitating the bomb blowing off) …gone’ accompanied by shrieking hyena like raucous laughter (interview by Paris based broadcaster August 1971).

Jeremy Corbyn has sported it many times, and this time around many influential faces , organisation heads, NGOs, leaders of Labour Party have sported it with pride and many young Muslims of all races (and trained well in Islamic madrasah to hate Jews; ) sport this keffiyeh. and misguided white liberals sport it in universities and colleges up and down the country not knowing the hateful antisemitic nazi like links to this scarf keffiyeh.

This time around so many sported it and so did Ahed Tamimi , who is antisemitic and anti Jewish and has called for ‘river to sea Palestine will be free’ war cry and many fools cheered. I am sure you did too in the cosy comfy antisemitic surroundings of your home, because why handle a fire when your job is to light the fire and run away. Your slave Met police and group of Islamist serpents within the force foolishly allowed this rally to go ahead because you leaned on them dangling the money purse and they acquiesced. This email is my official complaint against the executive senior leadership of Met Police and this is my official complaint against GCHQ for allowing this antisemitic rally to take place.

The independent blog site is here with evidence.

First your dehumanise jews, then the holocaust is not far behind, quipped slogans by Brown Shirts led to horror of Kristallnacht, loose talk of Jew hate with blood libel slant led to ghetto and holocaust . You were warned but ignored me, I am a citizen who will shake entire foundations of institutions if you push me , I will not do so with explosive but by my non violent civil disobedience and protest against this antiJewish injustice. You do not want to push this one lonely Jew around who has seen antiJewish hate upfront and suffered for it – I am Israel, heed my words , antisemitic serpents I speak to those who are, I will shake your foundations and demolish your created seats of power. I will burn your ancient forest and you will see only ashes and salt. To those who are avowed supporters of Israel and patriots in their hearts, and to those who speak for Israel, for the mute majority who see terrible islamisation take place, and a mangling of the cherished democracy; I ask you to stand with me and to speak in one voice, one spirit for today it is Israel that bleeds and suffers then tomorrow like Constantinople; your dominions shall be bent low, will submit , tearfully fold and forever fall, who will speak for you then. Israel is Isaiah’s prophesied suffering servant of the Lord, do you still keep quiet, Israel suffers and her suffering is screaming for you to take her mantle of justice and support, celebrate her and value her existence, heed my words!

You have much to answer and you must answer, I demand answers and an independent inquiry into how you allowed this rally to go ahead at a time when Jews like us and speaking on behalf of Israeli Jews , we all find our lives, livelihood, property and possessions under threat our very persons under threat from the suffocating hatred of antisemitic Islamists and antiJewish Islamic hatred and liberal western world’s disdain and disregard for Israel and its struggles against Islamic extremism and terrorism.

You must resign Sadicq, you have no choice and so must Jeremy Corbyn .You are hereby put on notice and you must treat this email as my official complaint against you. This is my official complaint against Jeremy Corbyn (as he sent his stooge Diane ‘Babbling drunkard’ Abbott) to deliver his message in the rally in a key speech by Diane , and she did so amidst the very people who swore death and destruction on peaceful godly Israel and their rallying cry among Arab protestors was ‘la illah illalah qatl bani quraiyzah ‘ and they interchanged it to ‘from river to sea , Palestine will be free’ such taqqiyah sneaky Islamist move is on show whenever gullible liberal idiots are nearby but among their own and ilk, they go full throttle Antisemitic pitting their shameless Antisemitism on display with Yasser Arafat’s bloodcurdling ‘blood the Jews daily, la illah illalah , al Quds al Quds al Quds’ slogan , featured in his speeches in 1992, 1996, 1998, and with Jeremy Corbyn in 1999, and in 2001, and many interviews on Memri TV and AlQuds Tv (this speech given during children’s hour- certainly wasn’t innocent blue peter style)

You know this is the honourable thing to do if you understand honour . Don’t insult London by staying on and despite sage advice to not allow this Islamist rally to go ahead, you did allow it to go ahead and showed the majority community of this country and the non Islamic population and Jewish population in this city that you care for optics, not the option to exercise reason and disregard our concerns and anxieties as Jewish people.

Awaiting your reply in earnest,

I am Hashem Adonai’s servant , I suffer and I speak

Halluhu Ayl b’Kodsho

Joshua Aadi A Michael

10 Tithe Farm Avenue


Middx HA2 9AE

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