Joshua Aadi A Michael
May 11 · 9 min read

When the neighbour covered up for paedophile’s deeds

The Twelve tales of Woe and Organised Anti Jew and Anti Victim Hate

I live in Tithe Farm Avenue, Harrow, it’s in a somewhat tolerable for all yet terribly deathly intolerant for Jews like us in this part of Harrow.

My wife and I had freed ourselves of the very intolerant Antisemitic haters In 2011.

Their hatred towards us and their horrifying attempts to cover up the ‘kiddie porn drool’ of my paternal uncle who sexually molested, sexually assaulted and daily penetrated me with his thumb and finger. He called it our ‘special secret’ , I was only 4 and this sexual abuse and rape continued till I was 11, he would drool over me with his tongue and touch me with his erect penis each time in his room asking if I have been a good boy while making me play with his penis, urging me to give him oral pleasure. This terrible and gut wrenching saga of sexual abuse, child abuse and rape continued till I came to this country. I felt relations of any kind with anyone was strange, I would be quiet, rage building up until I knew I will not be able to channelise it anymore in study or working in my part time job working in a store. I would stay quiet and sometimes sing to drown out my inner voice which screamed for justice, I never knew I had an inner voice, I would hate touching my thigh in case I felt I would ‘touch’ my thigh like he touched me and continued to pinch if I said no. He would put ice cream on his beard to ask me to lick it off. He would watch dirty films to ask me to touch myself, I never knew the concept of ‘touching’ or touching myself . He would ask me to undress and orally try to make me hard, I would be sickened by it, i receded to eating more to become unattractive so I would be touched or raped, I fell in love with food which until now was a chore to eat and without any gusto enjoy the morsel without fanfare. Food porn of any sort was a laughable idea because porn of life was something I want to run away from.

I felt I had to run away, I even confided in my mentor Esther Samuel, and confessed to her what was happening, she was busy with the political turmoil which shook India after Indira’s assassination and spared precious few minutes to see me as she was my Jewish mentor and guide . The time I spent reading Tehillim, Chumash and Elijah was the time I cherish most, she would remain in Delhi for many months and I would pray that I would see her soon. I could not confide in anyone because no one could confide in me that they were adult and mature enough to understand and none possessed the deep sincerity to take on board my views and my deepest confessions , the closest I came to was with my grandma but she was unclear what I was saying, her look of confusion and unhappiness at having brought up what was true to me and she knew in her heart was the truth about her son; meant that she chose mysterious silence as her answer and I chose to swallow silent tears because the world seemed unholy to me now and I adopted in my heart Yahuwah Elohim calling him Prabhu – the moniker used to refer to God in my native tongue Gujarati.

In 2011, when I told my wife about what my uncle did to me and so many other boys in Baroda, my wife confronted my foster parents and because of this my wife suffered terrible domestic violence from our next door neighbours the Mehtha family and another neighbour who supported, guided and worked with my foster parents to issue blood curdling shocking violent demands for dowry, this was ever since our marriage in October 2010, the harassment, name calling , poisoning of our food with bleach, softener salt and nail clippings, using hateful words. This terrible sage continued and it was so troubling to us we went for counselling with Harrow Counselling Service and the service and counsellor didn’t provide any help.

we spoke to our GP whose only interest in our plight was to tell us that the foster parents are right and we should be respectful to elders and not rebel, along with the unwarranted advice to enter the Hindu fold again, my wife and I said our faith is not like the supposedly Hindu cult the foster parents believe in and we do not believe in such things. We reached out to Theresa May who was then Home Secretary whose reply was that we should contact the police, we wrote back stating that the police have not been helpful, each time we were told to go home as no crime had been committed – this was Harrow police station. One Asian chap advised us to work it out – we stated that they are trying to poison us to which we received the oddest statement – “we Asians do salt our food too much” – I thought Met police had dunces for officers, we both left dejected, unhappy and just gave up.

Upon advice from our legal counsel, we made a clean break in 2011, and as we could not deal with this saga of pain and anti Semitic hatred anymore, we changed locks and barricaded ourselves in our home, the Mehtha family roused to the occasion and so did the other neighbour, all took turns to try to break Open the door, kicking, spitting on it, pushing their weight onto the door, we stayed quiet, unnerved shaken but knowing that this had to be done.

The police were called, we showed the papers showing ownership of our property in my name, the police left, the domestic violence continued unabated . The foster parents were seen in the Meheta family’s garden talking audibly loudly enough to be heard, my wife was pregnant and suffering morning sickness, we heard the Meheta family say to my foster parents that ‘they shall suffer for what they did’ ‘ we will see to it – they can’t get away with it, doesn’t matter whatever the problem’

The ‘problem’ was my neighbour’s wife advising my foster parents to ask for dowry or ‘make her suffer’ (her regular visits in 2010,2011 was enough for us to know of this- we kept quiet) , the ‘problem’ was the neighbour Meheta family knowing what my paternal uncle did and the dirty family secret being aired in public and my wife and I asking for justice was too uncomfortable for the neighbour and his wife.

The Meheta family allowed their garage to be used to store many items they were given from our house when they left, the Mehetas told the foster parents openly that ‘you should leave the items here, come anytime to collect it , why fear them , you have done nothing wrong’.

The Mehetas felt it was wrong for a young man and his wife to ask for justice for the sexual abuse and sexual torture he faced and experienced as a child, the Mehetas closeness and love for the foster parents was such that they took onboard the foster parents’ parting words to them in gujarati.

fight for us no one can stand up to them, look what we suffered Just for keeping the family together , they want to wash the dirty laundry outside and he won’t let go, please fight for us, please speak for us’

The Mehetas hugged these two vile people and said they shall be sorry for what they did.

The ‘dirty laundry’ was the sexual abuse and rape I suffered as child and the ‘dirty laundry’ is the violent demands for dowry my wife received and death threats and disgusting insults she received from the next door neighbour and their supporters (other neighbours) on this road and now the neighbours’ true supporters ( Harrow Council and Met Police).

The cover up continues, the collusion continues and the corruption continues unabated and we suffered such indignities, such shameless attacks on us, our life, our livelihood, our reputation and our home, our car and our mezuzahs.

In the meantime from ✡️ 2011 onwards, we took on our love forYahuwah Elohim to higher heights taking our spiritual visions and prophetic visions we received to start the Aditvam organisation based on Abrahamic values and Vedic principles. We received death threats, disgusting antiJewish invectives and hateful words used against us and sent to us via support email and to our site email. We decided to close our organisation with a heavy heart in 2019, seeing this as Yahuwah’s way of giving us an opportunity To rise higher and carry his work through the deathly challenge.

We took onboard the mantle of Antisemitism campaign work, anti corruption work and privacy campaigning , we suffered with each year the hate from the neighbour Mehetas till many neighbours took perverse sick interest and joy in harassing us and from 2012 our darling beautiful daughter. We were failed by Harrow Council, by Metropolitan Police and the neighbourhood and Theresa May whom we contacted from 2011.they all failed in their duty of care and duty to provide us support and give us justice, justice denied is justice destroyed, but we are the burning tendrils of fire , we will consume all , now we seek not justice we only seek … and seek we shall and take what is to be taken.

Our work in 2016 onwards was undertaking research on Philip May and Theresa May, based on an article we received on Philip May’s wealth management fund increasing from 120 percent from 2011–12 to a whopping 3700 percent growth in the months and years after 2016 after Theresa May succeeded and became PM.

The research was painstaking and in detail , the Met Police and GCHQ was asked to keep an eye on my work (an extra judicial illegal act without precedent) and to ‘dissuade me from publishing and researching any further’, my car tyres were slashed (on my passenger side of the car and in an impact would fatally hurt my wife and my daughter) car tyres with nails inside (side of car where my daughter car seat is placed) , passenger side mirror damaged twice (second time the chap drove to crash that mirror an side of car emotionally and mentally shaking both my daughter and me with this attempt on our lives) bacon placed on windscreen with words Jew, illegal tracker placed at GCHQ and Met Police’s request in car in November 2018 when I took the car for repair of my passenger side wing mirror, Spam tin thrown at my daughter (her window was open) in our car when we were coming back from her fencing class, fireworks thrown at our car, the list of harassment goes on .

This culminated in our car being broken into on sabbath day , the car was broken into defiled , mezuzah stolen, Tehillim (psalms) damaged, the laptop and dossier (of work on Theresa May and Philip May with evidence of insider trading, classified cabinet level file access, corruption etc) was stolen, the Magen David menorah 🕎 money clip was stolen (leaving safely behind the £90 emergency money the money clip held together) .

Why won’t the world support us now ? We do not have money to bribe you , we have nothing to entice you with, we have no flesh to trade or loose morals to spare, we have only our tales of woe, sadness and promise of a good happy worry free life stolen from us and our livelihood and shalom robbed . Won’t you , dear world , come together to help us ?

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Jewish Artist, writer, poet, philosopher & satirist

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