Gaurav Arora to Gauri Arora

Gaurav/Gauri: Then and Now. Photo Courtesy: Google

He’s six feet tall, taut and toned. When he was on the cover of India’s leading men’s fitness magazines in 2014, he had a 40–30–36 physique, eight-pack abs and 16-inch biceps. At 24, this Mumbai model has already had offers from Bigg Boss 10 and several agencies for shoots, but has stars in her eyes about achieving a 32–24–36 figure and making it to the cover of a fashion magazine in the near future.

Gaurav Arora was one of the most remembered contestants on MTV Splitsvilla. He was the first one on the show to openly talk about and acknowledge his bisexuality on national television. Now, Gaurav has taken it a step further and decided to embrace a new life. As Gauri Arora. Yes, he’s transformed himself and wants to be treated like any other simple Indian girl. In conversation with Gauri, she says, “I used to always crave for women’s make up, clothing, accessories etc. I even gave up my career because I was a hot guy who was a face of a leading magazine. I got a lot of offers from TV shows but I gave up because I always felt like I was trapped inside my own body. I used to think like a women but I used to dress up like a boy which made me feel bad and left me with no choices”.

Gaurav featured on the reality show last year. Now, he’s modified his body completely. With a figure that even ramp models would be jealous of, Gaurav now wants the world to call him and know him as Gauri. “Initially when I started no one supported me but in my case its little weird that when I was a gay boy with muscles and stuff people used to laugh at me but after “conditioning” people give me respect. No one actually ever supported me. Nobody can actually understand what you go through even a psycatrist wont because end of the day when you go to bed you know what you want and nobody other than you will understand 2016, when everyone is so busy with their own life issues, what do you expect from them?”, says Gauri.

He was Gaurav Arora sometime back. Now he is Gauri Arora. Name is not the only thing he has changed. He is also a woman now! She also says, “According to me, Feminity does not come with the heels you wear but it comes with your mind set and the way you approach any situation .There was a situation when I was called to audition as a gay boy and I went there wearing heels. So when the producer saw me he told me that I don’t look like a gay boy, I look like a girl. So that’s when I realised that I was stuck in between becoming a girl and a gay boy. I dint know what exactly I wanted to prove to the world. That’s when I decided I won’t take up any projects till I get done with my surgeries and till I become a good looking women because I want people to call me ma’am and consider me like a women”.

While everyone might be taken aback with his decision to declare to the world about his sexuality, not many would know his real struggle. In all these years, I have tried so many times to be a girl. But because of my constant pressure from my parents and society to look like a (straight) boy, I could never come out. I was never allowed to talk about how I felt inside. People used to laugh at me. I even tried to commit suicide,” shares Gauri.

Gauri is very bold to show any hatred to anybody who tries to criticise her. She says, No I never react back to them. In my 24 years of life I have realised that people who are financially and emotionally secured will accept any kind of human being. It’s those who are insecure, unsuccessful and not educated that they try to criticise. They would never want to understand what you are going through and how you have reached a certain level in your life. They will always hate you no matter what”.

Not ashamed of living life on her terms, she says, “Yahi toh thi main (This is what I am and have always been). I gave birth to myself again. I went against society, friends, parents and everyone else.”

While many shy away due to societal pressures and stigma, Gauri came out of it, like a true winner.

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