Startup Rush : Social Networking

One thing i have observed, People (on our planet) are getting too busy to invest time in a bunch of social networks (say more than a few). I was looking at some numbers and world can hardly sustain 25 social networks. From 1.57 Billion users on Facebook to Startups like Blab shutting down within an year, the list is hardly longer than that of 25. And the numbers come down inverse exponentially.

So, the point is, the product better be good and better than most of them, so as to keep users stuck to the platform. Statistics and Analytics like Daily, Weekly and Monthly Active Users are more than just numbers these days. The Blab guys, i guess ignored those numbers and suffered. Infact, these number should be the deciding factors behind most Strategical Endeavors.

It is a busy world, if you gotta get people to use your product it better Attractive, Scalable and have some sanity of purpose. Because the list is going to stay short.