Reflection 2017

It’s that time of the year, again. The fastest one to fly past, 2017 kept me busy all the year long. Though I didn’t visit a new destination this year, I never felt the lack of experiences & places to visit. I met amazing people new to my life whilst some gradually (and some suddenly) faded away. Rather than a year of extensive exploration this was more of an intensive one, my kind of travel.
The five most eventful occurrences of my life in 2017:

5. Weddings of friends

Weddings happen, friends stay. Just when I had convinced myself that this wasn’t so eventful, I recalled it wasn’t one or two but some of my very close friends tied the knot this year in a total of 5 weddings.

February saw weddings of Ashish & Tisha and Pratik & Hina, October had Alvin wed Bao Hui, November bore the witnesses to Jinal & Bhumika and Ninad & Janki. It took me to all the places from Ahmedabad (Ashish) to Una (Pratik & Hina), my first attendance at a Chinese wedding (Alvin) to the kingly region of Asiatic lions, Junagadh (Ninad); I couldn’t make it to Vadodara for Jinal’s wedding.

All these places created a bunch of memories and experiences each unforgettable in their own right. My best wishes to all :)

4. Writing

Yes I wrote more, I wrote better in 2017. I maintained a diary with more exhaustive content and more regular than ever though not daily yet. My letters had an improved quality (though they decreased in quantity). My online chats & replies fared better even impressing me sometimes. And yes, I wrote better code. All this made me feel a slight tinge of satisfaction that has eluded me in other areas of life. I may not be good yet, but I’m better than yesterday.

After all the year of writing started with my first Medium post Reflection 2016

3. Love

It is the first time I openly talk about it. Yes, I fell in love; in a way that has been stronger than I ever had experienced before. What started as an online chat grew stronger with each passing day resulting in exchange of not only calls, messages, gifts & treats but also much affection, care and yes love.

Saddening as we know, it cannot be fulfilled and met with its destiny.

“Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

2. Home

Sitting comfortably with the highest priority in my life, at the top of my most countdown lists are my parents. This year too, it involves their dream of a better home.

Starting February, I helped them get going on the renovation. Having helped with renting a temporary place to stay, contracting the work, moving stuff among others, I got back to Singapore to help finance it all. All the major groundwork was done by my parents, tirelessly visiting the site everyday, coordinating the designs, arguing with the contractor, battling illnesses, hosting guests, ensuring that the best results are achieved. The sweet fruit of their efforts now lays before us. There still lingers nostalgia in the place. It isn’t complete but we have something that was very longed for. Home sweet home.

X. Some other memorable stuff

So what if they didn’t make it to top 5, these events do deserve an honourable mention:

  1. Exploring the city, more: Istana, Haw Par Villa, Marina Barrage, Orchard Towers, Bright Hill monastery
  2. Hosting friends: Srilekha with Advait & Amit, Farhan & Winnie, Yogesh, another Yogesh in Singapore, and Puneet at home; it’s nice to meet people.
  3. Events: Flying kites, celebrating birthdays, getting banned from Tinder, moving to Shaadi dot com, frequent flights, Midnight water woes, Maa’s liver problem, Holi with Neil, pay cut then a raise, little recognition at the parks

Tryst with Hindu astrology, more rounds of garden volunteering, self-doubt and exploring many food places are mini parts that complete the whole.

1. Demise

Not all endings are happy; 2017 was one of them. My only chachi (paternal aunt) succumbed to swine flu on the 15th of December. It was sudden with a mere three to four days of intensive care unit juggling between various doctors and hospitals. I am yet to come to terms with the loss, and I cannot even imagine the horrors dwelling on my cousins & uncle. Her infectious smile, mouthwatering food, warm hospitality and love will be thoroughly missed. My tears were silent as I wailed in isolation recalling the words that broke the news to me.

Another casualty was Indira mami (maternal aunt) of my father. She was a loving lady, and a grandma figure when my grandmother passed away in July 2015. We all loved her, and she reciprocated the love equally if not more.

I pray for them all _/\_

Looking back, 2017 wasn’t so short after all. There are many could haves and should haves, many pleasures and some regrets, bursts of laughter & tears. It’s 2018 now and my resolution:

To not take things for granted: be it family, health, time, career or myself. And move back to stay with family by the end of this year.
Because pups; at our renovated home in India
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