Melancholy — Subtle sadness without any obvious cause. Typically a syndrome that hits one on a Sunday night.

Life has many ups and downs. More downs than ups. Someone rightly said that behind each success are countless disappointments, failures and struggles. Each down teaches you more about yourselves than you can imagine.

We take life way too seriously. It is not about what the world, society, friends, family think about you. Its mostly about what you think about yourselves. Life is too short to worry about what position you are at, and who thinks you are cool. No one truly cares anyways. Life moves on, people pass away, what’s current becomes irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if you had fun, if you were happy, if it truly had an impact.

So be happy. Do things that matter to you. Be good to your family. Have fun with your friends. Because no amount of overt success, money, or fame will count in the final calculation. The net sum of our lives is the people we love and leave behind, those who care that we existed at all.

So please exist. Breath, live, and love.