Sitting at home, my yellow lab at my feet, my 4 year old climbing over me, sunny CA day. Learnt my chops here, building products, created jobs here. I owe a lot to US and to my birth country India. Today a family like ours from another part of the world must feel they lost their home, their country because of a random executive order.

The problem is not just these executive orders. It's the rapidly spreading darkness in our hearts pitting people against people, communities against each other. My four year old is growing up in a world that grows more dangerous and caustic by the day.

US is a great country. No one person has the ability to break it. It's this darkness and negativity that will break us. Where we forget how to love and appreciate all that good in human heart, and replace that with blind hate fueled by social media megaphones.

We need to resist the hatred more than anything else. We need to reach out and spend time with others different from us. We need to protest and speak up. Understanding our differences is the only real solution to this causticity.