The Virtuous Cycle of Hiring well

So its obvious that I am trying to create a strong and interesting pipeline to hire into Flipkart. These posts are one way that I am trying to get the word out. Frankly, the response has been overwhelming. My team has been super busy trying to sift through so many amazing profiles, and its so much fun talking to so many interesting people (both inside and outside). Its also leading to all sorts of interesting situations that not only test our philosophy but help hone the kind of team we want to build.

One key sticking point has been believe it or not, Titles.

In the world that I come from, titles need to be earned and are not typically given away to attract talent. Even though I am now at Flipkart, I have no qualms in saying that Google (perhaps even now) has one of the best teams in the tech industry. And it mostly came because of the obsession with hiring only the best, and the discipline of attracting them through scope, potential, impact (the money follows of course) rather than Titles. It created a virtuous cycle. The best typically are folks who value impact and scope more than labels, and those folks would be attracted to Google. Especially when they see other amazing people working in the team. And then, if they succeeded, they would see the kind of meteoric rise that was unusual in the industry.

So here is the virtuous cycle of hiring:

  • Only considered the absolute best
  • From them, hire those primarily motivated by scope and impact
  • Give them an even bigger scope and impact
  • If they succeed, promote and reward the hell out of them
  • They become examples for the absolute best who now want to join your team… rinse and repeat.

All in all, this required a lot of discipline. You need to give up on a lot of candidates who are great to find the one who is amazing.

Initially it will be super hard. But over time, you will create a brand for your team as the benchmark of what a great team means in the industry. And then the virtuous cycle kicks in…

One week to go before I start my new job. Nervous, excited, ready to go!