Blippar : Augmented reality

So I came across an app today and it took me some time to decide whether I should download it or not, but I did. Blippar is a neat looking application for iOS, Android and Windows phone, which superimposes live images from your camera and compares it with images in it’s database to detect what the object is and tells you more about it. I tried it out with things in the bathroom, and it worked out pretty well. However, it took my shoes to be a snake, and my pen to be a toothbrush.

Taking aside the fact that this app is still in development stage, it did quite a crappy job when it came to daily use items. It’s almost a ripoff of Google glasses, which works on the same concept. It even takes ages to recognise a product and bring up results. And to add to it’s weaknesses , this app will almost never detect brands to connect to an object; disappointing for an app which has been downloaded over a million times in the play store itself.

One good thing I likes about this app , was that’s it’s free and has no ads , and at the same time provides a decent amount of information about a particular object.

Signing off —