Design Resources I Love ❤ volume 1

There are a couple of websites that I follow almost on a daily basis. These websites are widely known for their vast array or collection of writeups, examples and even downloadable freebies which are actually worth checking out.

Web designer depot

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The name suggests that this website is for web designers, but it also focuses on UX and UI. The editors of this website post very informative content daily. This website also has dedicated sections for design news , deals you canget on fonts, images or bundles and my favourtie section- the freebies section. It is easy to navigate and unlike a lot of other sites, it’s not clustered with annoying ads.


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Pixelo is a great service for getting banger deals for font bundles, image bundle, subscriptions to popular services and much more. I got a bundle worth $60 for free from this website. It’s known most for photoshop script deals and font deals.

Hubspot — Design Guides

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This resource is rather different. Inspiration is perhaps the most valuable resource, and this list on hubspot does the needful by combining all the design guides of major brands. My favourite on the list is Nike’s book of design. I for one, store these books on my handy ipad, since you never know when you need ideas.


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If you’re on the lookout for some attractive gradient choices, or just want to waste some time playing around with gradients on a simple yet playful UI- then this is the perfect webapp for you. There is also a useful sketch extention for all you sketch power users. Generating codes for these gradients is also a click away, so it saves a lot of my time.

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