Informational Interview

I called ex-Amal fellow Javed Mohal who is currently working in international Petrochemical plant as a graduate trainee engineer.That was a great experience to learn a lot of relating my field.

i asked him following questions.

  1. Assalam o aliakum. How are you?
  2. my name is Asad Tanveer.i just graduated from UET Lahore in same field you did.
  3. i am trying to search Trainee engineer job in process plant.
  4. i called you to ask some question relating to trainee Engineer job. Can i ask?
  5. How is your experience as a trainee engineer in process plant?
  6. did you face any hurdle in interview process ?
  7. whats the environment of process plant working?
  8. are people working in process plant co-operative?
  9. Will you suggest me to carry on my job search in petroleum or petrochemical sector?
  10. or i should switch to chemical or paint or dyes industry?
  11. When does your industry trainee engineer jobs open?
  12. will you please inform me about opening jobs as i have left my number to you?
  13. Thank Javed Mohal for your time.

Javed Mohal was a very humble on phone call. He responded to each of my question. He tells me that the process plant has all the description and hand on experience of complete chemical engineering we studied.He says after graduating from Amal, there were no hurdle i felt in interview process.

he said that the environment is so good for a chemical engineer. there are many things which we missed in theory course, we are learning from there.he said that people are so much cooperative and have helping hands for everyone.

He said the experience of process petrochemical is demanded world wide, keep trying for trainee engineer job in petroleum or petrochemical sector. he further said that his industry induction drive will soon open and he will surely inform me.

He further added Greetings to All Amal team in the end.

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