Kejriwal’s 5-day visit in Punjab is not enough to realize people’s woe

National convener of Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal’s 5 day visit would not be enough for him to understand the miseries of people across Punjab. AAP chairperson and “drama king” could have taken a ‘padyatra’ instead of his convoy at disposal, across the length and breadth of the entire Punjab state to better understand state’s populace sufferings.

Kejriwal during his 5 day Punjab tour

Aam Aadmi Party does not have suave Sikh face or name for the state’s electoral arena. Kejriwal had political ambitions and intentions to woo the Sikh voters. Kejriwal, who lacked in fair understanding of the Sikh psyche, had visited the state to encourage the key vote-bank of the state by making tall promises as made in Delhi before elections.

Kejriwal played up with the emotions of Punjabis

Kejriwal did not miss the chance to play with the emotions of people in the state of Punjab. He also pressurized the crowd not to be afraid of ruling family in Punjab, saying, “Sikh cannot be afraid of anything in life”.

Also, he condemned the ruling Punjab government, calling it a corrupt government with autocratic and ‘zalim’ behavior. Much criticized move of Kejriwal by the People of Punjab was his speech where he compared himself with the Sikh Guru, saying, “The Guru sacrificed his life and his family for the sake of truth and justice. Even I will not step back, if I have to lay down my life for the sake of Punjab.”

Sikh protesters trampling the burning effigy of AAP National convener Arvind Kejriwal

People of Punjab got angrier and had protested against Kejriwal holding black flags in their hands and also burnt his effigy. ‘Go Back Kejriwal’, people of Punjab chanted at Teja Ruhela, Paakan and Mhatam Naar village in Fazilka. People of Punjab were fuming against the Delhi CM for allegedly backing JNU students, accused of raising anti-national slogans and for raising Party funds through anti-national elements. They were least bothered whether he spoke in Hindi or Punjabi, donned a turban or a topi, coughed or stayed at rest.

“Go Back Kejriwal” by the People of Punjab

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal failed to draw support in Punjab, he simply told the media persons that “5 days were not enough to understand Punjab and issues related to Punjabis. For better understanding, I will have to visit again and spend good amount of time in Punjab”.

His “star power” was driven by theatrics in Punjab. In order to gain publicity and to get sympathy of Punjabis, Kejriwal even planned an attack on himself.

Kejriwal’s party members from Punjab, who were expelled from the Aam Aadmi Party, called Kejriwal an immature person who does not know how to handle genuine issues related to people of Punjab. He even stated that “His ego tussle and brinkmanship had been counterproductive for the Delhi and the same is predicted in Punjab if AAP is voted to power.”

Is Punjab going to be next Delhi?

Over the past one year, Delhi state has witnessed incalculable protests and dharnas by MCD workers, teachers as well as doctors to whom Kejriwal made tall poll promises before elections but failed to keep up to his promises.

If AAP comes to supremacy in Punjab, are we likely to observe the same scenario? Is Punjab going to be next Delhi if AAP is voted to power?

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