Kejriwal vowed to replicate Delhi model in Punjab

Aam Aadmi Party National convener Arvind Kejriwal is all set to replicate AAP government Delhi model if voted to power in the state of Punjab. Now a big question is “what Delhi model?”

It is no more a hidden truth that Arvind Kejriwal came to power in Delhi on an anti-corruption plank with his party named “AAP”. But Kejriwal has “miserably failed” in providing anti-corrupt government to the people of National capital. Instead, it has the whole list of corrupt leaders in the party.

Kejriwal has always been seen as a judge, jury and executioner when it comes to Aam Aadmi Party corrupt leaders.

The ‘Dramebaaz’, took dramatic steps against his party food and environment minister Asim Ahmed Khan when he was allegedly taking a bribe of Rs. 6 lakh from a builder and in a row, expelled his party minister Imran Hussain when his brother got caught asking for Rs. 30 lakh from a builder as a bribe. The extreme steps were taken by Kejriwal as a part of his political tactic, when in both the cases; he was dared to take action against his corrupt ministers.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal defended Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar and AAP MLA Bhavna Gaur when they were accused of forging their academic credentials. The ruling Kejriwal-led AAP government had allowed the ‘stained’ leader to make appointments for key legal posts even at the time when he was facing allegations of fraud and forgery.

The list of corrupt leaders of AAP is endless. AAP MLA Manoj Kumar was accused of cheating and land-grabbing and it’s another MLA Surinder Singh was booked for allegedly beating up an NDMC employee. One of Kejriwal-led AAP government MLA Naresh Balyan was found to have hoarded large quantities of liquor before the elections — to woo the prospective voters.

Kejriwal had been a part of corruption throughout his tenure as an IAS officer. He being an IAS officer was never into lime light for busted any corrupt person. This was the only reason why Kejriwal and his wife were never transferred out of Delhi in their entire career like Durga Shakti, who was transferred after she launched a massive drive against corruption.

How can Kejriwal eradicate corruption in Punjab, when he has failed to do so in the National capital?

Condition of a Govt School in Delhi (left) and Govt School in Punjab (right)

Also, his assurance of providing necessary education and health facilities to the people of Punjab is not required by the state, as Punjab excels in both the fields.

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