MegaBox HD APK Review

Punk Me Mike
Feb 24 · 3 min read

MegaBox HD APK Review

A well-built, clean app that serves the purpose of what it was made for. In one sentence, this is how I would describe MegaBox HD APK. I have been using MegaBox HD for a little over 3 months this is my review of this free streaming app on android.

First impressions

Lets start with my experience of searching for this app and downloading it. I conducted my search on google, searching for the best streaming apps on Android. This is when I cam across the MegaBox HD APK app. I wanted an app that was light (size) and fast, with a good amount of content to keep me happy. The MegaBox HD app seemed to fit the description.

When you are downloading APK’s, It is important to download it from a reliable source. Click on this link to download the MegaBox HD APK. This is where I downloaded it from and I have not had any problems. Also, this website is very informative and will answer any and all questions you have.

Installing the MegaBox HD APK

Installing the app was very straight forward and simple. I was pleased to find out that I didn’t have to root my phone in order to install the app. Just click on the apk file and tap on install. The rest will be taken care of by the app. Make sure to allow app from third-party sources to make changes on your device. You need to do this in order to install the app on your android phone or it will not work.

Using the app

The MegaBox HD app looks very clean and easy to navigate. It is very common with these types of app to be cluttered with too many things put in a very small amount of space. This makes it really hard to find something and also takes lot of time to get used to. In today’s day age, time is more valuable than money, when a free app that you downloaded is wasting your precious time, you would rather pay for an app that has better-built quality.

But that is not something you have to worry about with the MegaBox HD APK app. The usability of the app is very high. It is very easy to navigate from one page to another. From the home screen you can easily navigate to all the genres of movies and TV shows. The app will also show you all the latest entries in to the app on the home screen, so every time you log in, you know what’s new.

Don’t have time to watch it right now? Totally fine. You can save as a favorite to watch later. Don’t have the data to stream the movie? Again, MegaBox HD APK app has you covered. All you have to do it download everything that you want to watch when you get some free wi-fi. This way you can watch it when you can or when you have the time.


Overall, I love the app. Not that this app is perfect. There will be times when download speeds are inconsistent, or servers might not work all the time, however, what’s important to remember is that, MegaBox HD APK is free and you get access to thousands of movies and Tv shows without having to spend a dime. Now that’s a pretty cool deal.

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