4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

how come every single one of these kinda stories blames the left for their radicalization?

without fail, its always the lefts fault that suddenly there’s a bunch of nihilists & nazis all over the place. somehow we didn’t communicate our arguments well enough. or made them feel bad. or threatened their safe space, as in this article…

not to sound like a republican, but whatever happened to personal fucking responsibility? i grew up in the 21st century in the same general spaces and i’m a socialist & feminist PC SJW BETA CUCK etc. I stayed away from 4chan because i thought there were way too many creepy people on it. Turns out i can sense Nazis like Haley Joel Osment sees dead folks.

GamerGate was an entire generation beating their heads against a solid brick wall of ignorant, resentful trolling without mercy or pity. Its a cultural wound that is too often played off as unimportant, or another monument to the folly and cruelty of the left. Like what the fuck is happening in this country, are we already this far gone? Are we already so gaslighted that the nebulous, chaotic, and nefarious “left” is the ultimate source of every problem? I mean for fucks sake.

I swear I can see my future. I’m being rounded up for being a socialist, and being put in ICE wagons since they’re now the secret police in charge of the purges. I’m in a little paddy wagon with six or seven people and one asshole is gonna say “god damn it i really wish the left would have shut up about social justice.” Then he’ll get his face pounded to pulp by a 22 year old with bad acne and a frog emblem on his black uniform.

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