What is PunkTee?

3 min readSep 28, 2021

First Decentralised clothing brand, based on Solana blockchain.

Fashion industry has been monopolised by multibillion dollar brands who dictate the trends in the clothing market. They most likely know what the new, “trendy” streetwear of 2024 will look like, and are already preparing a marketing campaign to brainwash the mass.

PunkTee is here to provide decentralisation to fashion by integrating NFTs into the market.

By owning digital clothing designs as NFTs, holders own a part of PunkTee and get dividends paid out to them for every physical item sold with their NFT design.

Such a decentralised system allows to fairly dictate the market trends and change the fashion industry forever.

PunkTee streetwear marketplace will be introduced soon after launch. Follow our Discord or Twitter to stay updated.

OG Collection (Modern Punks)

With our first NFT collection we have decided to bring the whole crypto community together around the first NFTs ever created and show respect to “Crypto Punks”.

Therefore 500 algorithmically generated “Modern Punks” will be coming to Solana.

The holder of the unique digital art will be eligible for 15% of profits generated by PunkTee through the sales of a physical clothing item with the design of their NFT.

Furthermore 10% of total profits generated by our entire clothing brand will be going to all the 500 holders of the original PunkTee NFT collection since they were here from the start.

Own a digital version of a clothing item and get dividends on the sales of the physical version of it.

How can it get more interesting?

Continuous competitions will be held for creators on a monthly basis. The winning designs will be turned into limited NFTs and the first one will be gifted to the artist. PunkTee will sell the clothing items in the form of limited claimable NFTs whose legitimacy will be able to be verified on the blockchain. PunkTee says no to counterfeits.

5 Famous influencers decided by the community will be offered an opportunity to create their own PunkTee design which will be turned into an NFT. We will have influencers dressing up their communities in PunkTee and pushing the brand even further. While the private fashion club of Modern Punks will be rewarded for their participation in creation of the brand!


NFT Drop OG 500 “Modern Punk” Collection

Development: 10%

Marketing PunkTee: 15%

Influencer Marketing: 35%

Treasury: 10%

Team: 30%

What comes after? Limited collections…

PunkTee will be releasing new limited collections in the form of NFTs. Partnering with different influencers and turning community art into physical limited clothing items.

The owner of the NFT has an ability to either claim the reward and be able to receive the physical item in their home or keep the NFT unclaimed and potentially resell it for more.

The holders of the initial OG “Modern Punks” holders will be fairly rewarded 10% of revenue made from all NFT offerings on the PunkTee marketplace.

We are becoming the first truly decentralised fashion brand who is ruled and guided by its community.

What comes after? Digital expansion…

PunkTee will also aim to become the biggest clothing supplier in all upcoming metaverses. We will try to dress all digital creatures living on a blockchain in the PunkTee brand and become a giant of digital clothing.

We can’t yet talk more about it, because this will be one of our secret milestones and we need to keep our community excited.


We are early on a fashion industry revolution. PunkTee’s roadmap is clear and execution has started. The first OG “Modern Punks” collection will be dropping in October on punk-tee.com.

Stay Tuned….