Adulting 101

Being a 29yr old is hard. There are a whole bunch of things I feel I was never told about being in my “late 20's”. Fuck, late twenties sounds so OLD!

My parents and family friends all make being an adult look so easy, well guess what you guys *Spoiler Alert* it fucking isn’t.

I did not know that it costs so much money to be 29 and independent and technically, an “adult”. There is health insurance, car insurance, house insurance, household items insurance, fuck if there is anything thing that you currently own or plan to own…. It needs to be insured. Are you breathing right now? Good. Make sure you are insured for it.

There are so many things that I didn’t know, that I wasn’t told, that I wasn’t taught in school. I can do some sweet ass algebra though, some fucking help that is.

So, on that note I am here to give you some advice, on adulting because even though I feel that I am super under qualified — I know some stuff now (apparently)

  1. Get health insurance — one day you will break something in your body, and it will cost you a literal arm and a leg to get it fixed.
  2. Insure your car — Cars are basically death traps. Yours is and so is the persons next to you (and you have no control over how shit they drive). Make sure you have good car insurance possibly with a courtesy car option, so that you have something to drive if your car has to be fixed. Otherwise, like 19yr old me your Dad will hire you a “rent a wreck” because it only costs R100 a day. You will never recover emotionally.
  3. Open up an investment account — Save, save and save some more. Whether is is R100 or R10 000, put money away. I have always been very good at this, and it has allowed me to take more risks and open my own businesses because of it. Money makes money so save yours so it can make that dope Gupta money one day.
  4. Insure your cellphone — it’s one of the most stolen items in this world. They cost R15 000 to replace. You do the maths, that R200 a month odd on insuring it is worth it. You need to be able to contact people at all times.
  5. Have records of all your official documents online — Birth certificates, ID documents etc. Things get lost, shit gets stolen. Government departments in Africa are fucking awful, its really hard to prove you are alive if you don’t have a piece of paper proving it, yes…. Even if you are standing in front of someone at the Department of Home Affairs screaming “I AM HERE THIS IS ME AND I AM ALIVE”.
  6. Go to gym, get active — After 30 your body starts to get aches and pains. I have a gammy knee now, it didn’t have a gammy knee last year (see point 1)
  7. Learn new things — Your brain is a muscle it needs to be worked (I read that somewhere, I don’t actually know if it’s true — but also being the adult that I am, I am going to research that after this). Take courses, you don’t need extra cash for that, you can basically learn EVERYTHING on YouTube these days. I am currently teaching myself Photoshop.
  8. End things on good terms — Some people are shit, but you want to know what is more shit? Not getting that sweet-ass job with the bigger salary because you called your old boss a twat in your exit interview or because your ex boyfriend works at the company you are interviewing at (and he didn’t forget you threw his Play Station out the 5th storey window. PSA: not something I have ever done, but I know some crazy people)
  9. Market yourself — You are your biggest advocate in this world (well you and your Mom and Dad). Have your say, fight for what you think is right, voice your opinion, network with the right people, make genuine connections, do good work, meet deadlines, don’t let people down, be on time, have a smile on your face — people don’t forget that stuff.
  10. Treat people how you want to be treated — Surround yourself with people who are kind and respectful to people who can do nothing for them. The guy/girl who orders the “buy one get one free” meal at Wimpy and then invites the car guard to sit and share it with them, those are the people you want in your life. Its the little things that count, so always treat people how you would like to be treated were you in the same unfortunate position, one day you may be.

Ok, that is all I have got for now. Go forth and adult as best you can… I am still not 100% sure I have this shit down, but I am slowly getting my shit together.