2.8. 2016 — Mudhoney @ SuperUho & 3.8. 2016 — Dežurni Krivci and Mudhoney @ Kino Šiška

Dežurni Krivci

Dežurni Krivci knocked my socks off and left me dancing barefoot. They started us off with a very heavy sound, which kept reminding me of The Melvins in the best way possible. It was the kind of sound that makes you feel the center of your body’s gravity, and makes you move around it, swinging slowly. Their lyrics are mainly Slovene and damn good, poetic and critical. This is highly appreciated since I don’t feel we have that many Slovene bands who actually make music using the language they use for everything in their daily lives. Their stage presence was spot on, everyone knew what they had to do in order to keep the show alive. It was noticeable that they make music with passion. The lead singer, Leon Štrakl, puts theatre into concert as he delivers the lyrics not only with his lips, but with every inch of his body. The energy and feelings put into their performance was intoxicating. They began with songs that were mainly recited, and after the first couple you begin to ask yourself, will he sing, can he? And the answer comes shortly after the show really gets going. The screaming pierced my chest. I was screaming with him. Yes, yes he can. The transitions in their songs never ceased to make me chuckle, smile and say “Fuck. Yes.” Only a couple of songs into the concert and I started planning to go and see the next. Equipped with beer and lyrics and some socks for them to knock right off. Again.

A little taste:


As for Mudhoney… Ah, The Mudhoney impression will be summed up with one sentence only: you had to be a Mudhoney fan and ultra drunk to feel it.

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1000 km of Mudhoney, great beer and cold sea

  • Punky Styley attended two Mudhoney gigs in two days and we are sorry to say, it sucked. Big time! This surely wasn’t the fault of the organizers. SuperUho and Kino Šiška made both of the shows the best they could. SuperUho is a great, homely, relaxed festival in Primošten, with beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people. We really felt at home and we miss these kind of festivals, where nothing (with that we mean everything) goes the way it should. The first band we saw at SuperUho were Baden Baden. Amazing mix of all genres and exploration of sound was pure joy for those who listened and watched the show. Excitement for the next band — Mudhoney — grew and then… It stopped. They sounded like a amateur garage band, who don’t practice enough so the guitar riffs sound rusty and just wrong. The whole concert was full of mistakes and what’s even worse — without soul. There was one exeption though — as in Kino Šiška — the drummer was drumming for his life and he was the one who has made both shows tolerable. The crowd at SuperUho wasn’t helping the band either. A few jumps at »Touch me, I’m sick« brought some life to the party, but a crowd of 1000 people looked like they were at a funeral, not a concert. Maybe this is due to tourist who came to check out the festival just because they were in town, so the atmosphere was much better at Kino Šiška where Mudhoney attracted some true fans. I can’t find reasons for Mudhoney’s bad performances, neither do I want their excuses. A band on their scale should deliver good shows. People were disappointed and I would be too if I hadn’t drank a few Long Island Ice Teas and had fun my way. I hope the media won’t conceal the fact that their shows suck, so the word gets to the Mudhoney crew. Get it together, boys! Respect music and your fans!

Jasna Tur