Photo shoot: A defunct train yard

The gloomy weather finally cleared a little here in Ljubljana, so it was time to crawl out of the crack den and find something peculiar to photograph. Something dirty, old and rotten. The more the better. And sure enough I found what looks like an abandoned rail yard just outside the center.
Now, it is supposed to serve as a museum, albeit the state of it makes one question it. Everything is trashed, broken and littered with needles, and there was not even a single soul in sight. Guess it’s a Silent Hill-kind of museum. With decaying trains. Perfect.
This is the ticket office. Just kidding.
Most of these steel beasts are in a state of horrendous decay
Perhaps this is where they keep the good ones
The entrance to a huge industrial hall covered in coal dust
Victorian era — looking machinery
The museum even has a lounge.
A filtered image with a filter!

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