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You’re not that important, that’s the first thing you need to remember.

You think you’re important but you’re really not.

You really don’t matter and you really need to shut up.

Remember you’re not that important so get it through your head.

Your feelings don’t matter so please stop trying.

You are a problem.

You are a problem.

You are a problem.

You’re not that important.

Abuse is as American as apple pie.

Treat people with love, kindness, honor and compassion and watch them heal.

It’s as easy as that.

The people who have taught you via their words and…

Goyita, an orphaned Tlacuache, with her new family.
Goyita, an orphaned Tlacuache, with her new family.
Photo by the author

Here are five ways I am coping.

I’m a 46 year-old American man originally from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am now living in a beautiful, safe, and spiritual town in the south of Mexico.

I left the United States to attempt to heal from the impact of long-term bullying.

It’s become hard for me to trust people. I don’t know many people who would have an easier time doing so, considering the degree of interference in my personal and professional life.

I’ve learned that it is nearly useless to continue to talk about the details of what’s going on even as it’s ongoing. …

C-PTSD Survivor Sharing Wisdom & Love (For All Humans in Need)

This nearly 11 minute video is intended to benefit anyone struggling during these challenging times.

I have survived the…

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Limon Province, Costa Rica — December 2019

As I soak in the love of the Caribbean Sea, and as I face the totality of my life; I have made my decision.

I have been forced to accept that sometimes some people do some not so nice things.

I have been furious about what has happened to me.

I am so angry and so deeply disappointed with so many people who know better; that it feels poisonous to consider them for one moment further.

It is true that my story is plastered all over the internet. There ain’t no secret that I am surviving something very wrong, in…

I created this list and poster, as an offering of ideas to any person who may feel stuck in the moment. My personal story includes me having survived unusual and strange trauma and I live with this every day of my life. I personally know what it feels like to be trapped or drowning, and it took me many many years to learn that, in reality, there were things I could choose to do, that could potentially have a positive impact on the course of my day, and how I felt and how things turned out. I do not claim…

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Photo By Craig Lewis, Spring 2019, Ostrava, Czech Republic

You learn a lot being a survivor when all you’ve got are other survivors.

Four months ago, I flew from Providence Rhode Island to Paris France for $150 after I said goodbye to my best friend, a 28-toed feline soulmate. Most of my belongings went into the garbage. I kept what I could locked haphazardly in a storage space. I didn’t say goodbye to my friends. I arrived in Europe with just enough money to have a meal and take the Metro.

I was aware of how deeply shattered my heart was and how dangerous this was considering my only housing option was the city homeless shelter. I had no one to call for…

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Photo taken in London, England, by Craig Lewis in 2017

In 2014, in Boston, Massachusetts, while working at a Department of Mental Health Facility, for a local mental health agency as a Certified Peer Specialist, I went to visit one of my “guys”. As I was walking in, I came across another one of my “guys”. He told me that someone had disrespected his sister and he was on his way to go end the guys life.

I told him he “looked like shit” and asked if he had slept or eaten. He answered in the negative. This man had been burned hundreds of times by people in my sort…

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Photograph by Craig Lewis — Christmas Day 2017 Salem, Massachusetts (After being blessed with eating a free community meal provided to poor and homeless people)

Gaslighting is what a very hurt person does to have some sort of control. How can we hear it without taking it personally?

If you are a human being — and we know you are — then, at one point in time or another, you have been gaslighted. Due to being human — if for no other reason — at one time or another, you have also done something that hurt another person. Anyone around you can be easily hurt by you.

The world I visualize is one in which we treat everyone like the innocent baby they were upon their first breath. If we want a loving, healthy, caring and safe society; we can have it. Every human is carrying some pain…

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Art by Craig Lewis 2012

*Don’t Be So Shocked*

1* I began speaking openly about the really nasty things that were done to me when I was younger. It helps others understand me a bit more and protects me in various ways. Opening up was also very risky and I paid in pain, and that is why I share the beauty of my story with you today.

*2* I find liberation in telling the truth. This is especially true when telling the truth about what was done to me. …

Craig Lewis

I authored a Trauma Recovery Workbook & it saved my life. I'm a punk rocker. I live in México. I love cats.

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