The RememBear will remember all your passwords for you

Remember. Bear. TunnelBear. Get it?

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of password managers- LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, Bitwarden- yet, I’ve always stayed off of using any of them religiously.

With RememBear, however, I can see myself finally using a password manager as a habit. And for those of you wondering what motivates me to write a positively-constructed review of a password manager, no- this is not a paid review.

RememBear has been built by the guys over at TunnelBear, the well-known, established VPN service. The product is cross-platform, across Android, Windows, macOS and iOS.

Although taking screenshots whilst inside the application (on Android) isn’t permitted right now, I’ll be trying my best to convey my experience to you with the help of words.

RememBear, as soon as you create a new account, will ask you for your fingerprint impressions (if your phone has the provision of a fingerprint reader / if you’re on a MacBookPro with a fingerprint reader) and permissions to auto-fill passwords.

Once inside the app, you’re greeted with a FAB button which let’s you add either a Credit Card or a Login detail. Here’s where you add all of your usernames, passwords and/or card info.

Although the application comes equipped with a dedicated browser, aptly named “RememBear Browser,” whenever you open a Login page on external browsers, say, Chrome Dev, a floating RememBear button appears using which one can add passwords or have them auto-filled.

Through the settings present in the RememBear application, one can opt-out of the browser, opt-out of using Fingerprint Login, change the email and even change the master password.

At this stage, the application doesn’t have fancy features like certain already-estabilished, paid password managers have- for example, the ability to change passwords for dedicated sites from inside password managers, but hey it’s an absolutely free service.

Concluding, the experience of using RememBear has been really nice, its absolutely worth a shot!

Update-> The animations for most activities are really good. They give an impression that developers and designers have worked really hard for this application’s establishment. This is one enjoyable application.

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