El Districto

Central Ave. Los Angeles, Ca.

For the past year or so, I’ve documented in between cluttered walkways, where a bustling side of downtown L.A. highlights a community of the grassroots. El Districto shows the everyday street life of Angeleno’s (many whom are Latinos) coming together mostly on weekends to shop for the cheapest goods and the most savory foods. The Piñata District runs down 9th St. This section is a prime example of what the Latino community gives to the city of L.A.

Culture — multiple ones, all in one melting blend with vibrant colors and also very tense energies. It somehow seems to coexist with the city’s immense poverty. Most notably, there is an identity. El Districto attempts to mirror a long endured history of the working class.

From my perspective, these sections are the heart of downtown, while outside attractions only contribute as the veins, a role defining the anatomy of this social system. It’s important to appreciate the fact that these districts help contribute to the city’s ever-growing economy.

Aside from that, gentrification is spreading rapidly in every big city like a cancer to publicly visual historic context. I feel obligated to continue to document the importance of cultural sanctuary.

Piñata District. Los Angeles, Ca.
9th St. Piñata District. Los Angeles, Ca.
Fashion District. Los Angeles, Ca.
Cluttered walkway in the Santee Alley. Los Angeles, Ca.
Young men shopping at a local shop in the Santee Alleys. Many of the clothes come from the Garment District. Los Angeles, Ca.
Inside one of the local garment factories just outside of downtown. Recently, several garment factories where forced to shut down after an investigation proved to be paying well under wage. Los Angeles, Ca.
Through the car window. Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.
A man selling hand-made belts on the corner of Central Ave. Los Angeles, Ca.
Frying pig fat. Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.
Cleaning. Los Angeles, Ca.
Los Angeles, Ca.

This is an ongoing project on daily life here in Los Angeles, Ca. You can find more of my work on here or follow me on Instagram.