Trickle-Down Health Care: How We Could Actually Fix The US Health System
Shane Snow

Clearly, health insurance in a population that uses it for disease management is a challenging proposition. We’ve had the drive wheels mired in this rut for a long time. You identified the core of the problem, the third rail, which everyone is afraid to touch, and that is prevention. If we cannot take your advice we will sink back into a less effective and more expensive health care system.

Like it or not, change is upon us NOW and this is the time to weigh in. I for one will be sharing your well presented argument with everyone I can and I will add this:

When you make a big life altering purchase like a house or a car, do you do it as a Democrat or a Republican? I suspect most will answer, no.

Then, for the collective good of this nation, keep that rational hat on when you consider your health insurance!

Read and understand this argument, send it to BOTH sides of the aisle, share it with anyone who will give it consideration and let it permeate the national dialogue.

I would like to make one more observation. Being self-employed, I am on the hook for understanding everything about this. I wish I could suggest a way for everyone to feel like they have some skin in the game, too. Most of us are very busy, so it is very easy to delegate this choice. Don’t. That tendency is very reason US health care lags in efficacy. We all suffer for it.

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