June 26 2016

Today is my first time to write something on this.and I decided that I write all in english.I hope it make me improve my English.Almost 3 years has passed since I started learning English seriously.My English has not improved yet for sure.

When I was young I would often watch the movie with my father.Especially he really preferred hollywood movies. Reason why,the movies made in hollywood has a good atmosphere which is totally different from Japanese movies. It could be found a lot of differences between Western and Japanese. It was like fantasy or kind of dreaming for us. That mean we could see the different world through the hollywood movies.

and I longed to speak english at the same time.but I really didn’t like studying. As a proof of it , I was good at drawing ,singing and playing some sports.I always preferred something that i could escaped from studying.

I’m 30 years old now. I found that it’s not late to learning English! And it’s time to become who I wanted to be!


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